Memorial Day weekend weather doesn’t stop beach visitors


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer in Southeastern North Carolina, and with it comes and annual wave of tourists. But did the cooler than usual temperatures freeze out the summer fun?

Even though it was a bit cooler outside this weekend it didn’t stop people from being outside and enjoying the beach. People came from all over the state to stick their toes in the sand for Memorial Day weekend. What started as an ugly day…

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“It was super cloudy it was actually kind of chilly. It was sprinkling. We were just like please sun come out. If it didn’t come out we would have left by noon because it was pretty bad,” visitor Ashley Zdelar says.

“This morning we weren’t sure if we were going to come or not but the weather started to get warm a little bit so I’m here,” visitor Pam Dudley says.

Ended up turning around.

“The sun is shinning now. It’s bathing suit weather so it’s good,” visitor Lauren Peddycord says.

“I am going to let me feet get wet, sit down and sip my drink, and read a good book,” Pam Dudley says.

Tourists say once the sun came out the beaches were packed.

“It got really crowded. We were just laying down and within an hour it got really crowded and the sun was out and everything,” visitor Alison Clausing says.

“When the sun came out everyone started coming out. We got in the water and there was a nice sandbar out there too,” Ashley Zdelar says.

Restaurant owners says it was a slow start but it keeps getting busier as the day goes on. Ron Gist who owns the Snack Shak says he was never worried.

“We were more excited about the people coming down here and everything opening up. Just kind of praying it’ll be okay, just give it a little time and fortunately it did,” Ron Gist says.

People at Carolina Beach say they would have came no matter what the weather was.

“Even if it would have stayed cloudy all day we still would have gone out to the beach because it’s so pleasant. I love coming to the beach. Me, boyfriend, dog, friends. We all love coming to the beach,” Lauren Peddycord says.

Visitors at Carolina Beach say they thought the cool weather would mean a smaller crowd and more parking, but it looks like nothing was stopping people from enjoying the beach this Memorial Day weekend.