A memorable Memorial Day for new citizens


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Today is a special day to many people in our country when we remember the heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our freedom. For some, this Memorial Day is one they will never forget.

Immigrants from all over became American citizens today during a naturalization ceremony at Moores Creek National Battlefield. 54 people from 27 counties shed tears of excitement after taking the oath to become new American citizens this Memorial Day.

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“To hear the anthem playing and to know that I’m a part of it now. I’m no more a resident. I’m a citizen. It’s great. It’s a great feeling,” Charmine White a new American citizen says.

The theme was “Embrace citizenship- experience America through your national parks.” One park guide says he can’t think of a better place for the ceremony.

“This is a revolutionary war battlefield. It’s really cool to have new citizens being sworn in here at the same spot that people were fighting for the rights that we have today,” park guide Jonathan Grubbs says.

Charmine White from Jamaica says this day is about remembering the people who lost their lives fighting for the freedom that she has been trying to gain. She says it’s a great feeling knowing that she was able to gain that freedom on Memorial Day. One man from Mexico says the American life is unlike any other.

“It’s just a beautiful place to live. You have all the rights to vote, speak or anything,” new American citizen Ricardo Hernandez says.

Others came for freedom, something they will never take for granted.

“This is a great country. Many people who live here maybe don’t know that but this is a great country. I love this country,” Charmine White says.