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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputy will not be cited for the way parked at a Wilmington business last week.

An internal investigation found the space outside Planet Fitness on N. Kerr Ave. that Dep. Clay Meadows parked next to is no longer a handicap spot and did not have the correct signage, so he can’t be cited.

The Sheriff’s Office says Meadows admits he made a mistake and promised it will never happen again.

The man who sent WWAY pictures of the deputy’s unmarked patrol car refused to cooperate with investigators.


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  • Tracie C

    I just had to read the comments to see who in Wilmington finds THIS to be important enough to regard it as “news” or to even have an opinion of something so ridiculous.
    Hey Alice, put your big boy pants on and go take some pictures of something important, like….oh I don’t know…..drunk drivers leaving downtown? Gang members hanging out where they don’t belong? SOMETHING beside your apparent attitude against a police car parking on some lines.
    So sad.

  • Educator

    If this fella is a deputy, shouldn’t he know the law? Shouldn’t he already know that he could park in that spot? Shouldn’t law enforcement be held to a higher standard of accountability? If officers expect US to obey the law, then it is up to THEM to model proper behavior.

  • justin

    …is the business going to be cited for not having properly marked handicapped parking? Once again, the media’s rush to judgement -highlighting the “wrong-doings” of law enforcement- clouds the actual offense of the business having improperly marked parking spaces. Do any of the news organizations in Wilmington ever bother to report both sides of a story?

  • Guest 10101

    Two stories on the same day of cops knowingly parking in handicapped spots. Both have an “excuse”.

    This story has a “happy” ending. The signage wasn’t in place.

    There. All better!

  • PeterPan

    That’s all well and good if the deputy did not receive a citation because the “handicap space” was not technically properly marked. However, I still believe that the improper markings never crossed the deputy’s mind when he parked there. What about the rude comment he made to the handicap citizen who confronted him? Remember what the deputy said… that he’s a cop and can park there? Again… I remind you that Deputy Clay Meadows is a personal friend of good ole Sheriff Ed. Did you really expect any punishment? Oh yeah, by the way, I know this deputy has been telling people that he plans to run for Brian Berger’s County Commissioner seat in the upcoming 2014 election. Is this what we really want? I’m sure Sheriff Ed “needs” him… but do we “want” him? NOT!!!

  • John edge

    The problem is that a lot of the handicap spaces signage in New Hanover Co. are not in compliance. If NHCSD made their discussion not to cite the officer on that cause, then they need to cancel most tickets written up on the grounds that a lot of the H/C parking spaces are not in full compliance. If the space wasn’t completely covered up, then it would be just as much in compliance as a lot of them in New Hanover County I think the City and County needs to improve the signage and bring them up to ADA compliance. !!!

  • Guest999

    I can’t wait to read what parking violation has occurred tomorrow amongst everything going on in New Hanover County. What’s next? Double parked ice cream trucks? Ford F350s parked 2 inches over a parking line?

  • alex

    let’s face it law enforcement has a problem. there is the perception of 2 sets of laws: 1 for those in front of the badge and 1 for those behind the badge. when is the last time you saw a police officer ticket one of their own? all that is needed is to flash the badge and “professional courtesy” is extended. where I come from that is called hypocrisy. Let’s see a news story uncovering this practice.

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