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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A new arts and culture magazine is now available on store shelves around Wilmington.

Salt is making its debut with its June issue.

“The idea was that these are magazines that are very distinctly old fashioned magazines that focus on story telling in the community; the heart and soul of a community,” Salt’s editor Jim Dodson said.

Salt’s pages are filled with stories that not only rejoice in Wilmington’s culture, but the special places around the Port City that give it character.

“It is a celebration of this wonderful community,” David Woronoff, publisher of the magazine said.

According to Dodson, the writers that bring the stories to life are just as vibrant as the tales they tell.

“Stories are in our bloodstream. Ink-jockeys as my father used to call us,” Dodson said.

From architecture to food, the arts and culture magazine celebrates Wilmington’s organic appreciation for the arts.

“We write about things that people care about in their lives, that make their place unique; why they’re living where they live,” Dodson said.

After reading through the magazine Woronoff says he hopes the reader will appreciate how fortunate they are to call Wilmington home.


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