ONLY ON 3: Mom says misdiagnosis led to son’s death


OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — A woman is looking for answers after she says her son died because of mistakes made while treating him. A Dosher Memorial Hospital report says Mark Stephens had no history of diabetes although his mother has records that she he was treated at the hospital multiple times for the disease.

In November, June Stephens called 911 saying her son was in a diabetic coma. She says Oak Island Police arrived and searched his room instead of checking on him. The hospital report says police found a pile of cocaine and a straw. It also says there was no family present to give history. Stephens says her son was mentally and physically handicapped and did not do drugs. The hospital report says Stephens was treated for a drug overdose, not diabetes.

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“When they got here and gave him that Narcan, he went downhill fast. Dosher worked on him, they say, five hours, and when they put it in the report no family present, who do they think called 911? Do you think he got out of a coma and called them?” mother June Stephens said.

Stephens says if her son would have been treated for severe diabetes and MRSA like it said in his records, he might still be alive.

“Narcan is not supposed to be given to a diabetic who has seizures. It causes them to have more seizers and cardiac arrest,” Stephens said.

Stephens says she wants the facts to put the pieces together.

“I asked for the evidence that they had on my son. They said they had none they weren’t here. I said you were here I’ve got the report,” Stephens says.

We spoke with Dosher Memorial Hospital several times to hear what they had to say. They say they could not talk about the case because of privacy laws. Oak Island Police Department would not comment either.