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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As Andrea moves north, we are seeing some of the damage she left behind.

Most of the damage has been minor, like tree branches scattered in yards and in the streets. But for some, the damage was much worse.

“I woke up to a really loud boom, and I came into the living room and the tree was in my living room,” Raquel Day of Wilmington said. “I just started screaming.”

Day says she could not believe her eyes when she saw an oak tree had crashed into her home off Peachtree Avenue.

“It’s kind of still sinking in that it happened,” she said. “I don’t really know what to do next. All the windows are shattered, as you can see from the outside. Glass is in there. You can see part of the tree inside the house. It’s pretty bad.”

By mid-afternoon, the Red Cross said this was the only call it had received for help in our area. Now the charity will now help Day get back on her feet.

“We do provide emergency needs,” Red Cross Regional Disaster Director David Garrison said. “We will put them up in a hotel for three days.”

Right across the street from the mobile park where Day lives, Hugh Bonner’s fence was blown over by Andrea’s gusty winds.

“the fence has been up since ’96, so it’s been through a lot of tropical storms,” he said.

Bonner says the repair will be a quick fix.

“Hopefully it should last another ten years through a few more hurricanes,” Bonner said.

Garrison says Red Cross volunteers in the northern part of the state will have a late night as the storm moves out.


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