FIRST ON 3: Former Duplin Co. teacher faces felony sex charges


    DUPLIN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A former Duplin County teacher faces several charges after investigators say she had a sexual relationship with a student.

    Emily Efird resigned from James Kenan High School in April a week after she the school district suspended her after learning of the allegations. Today she waived her right to a first court appearance on six felony charges.

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    According to the arrest warrants deputies say Efird committed the crimes between March 22 and April 1.

    The Duplin County Sheriff’s Office charged Efird with with two counts of felony indecent liberties with a student, three counts of felony sex offense with a student and felony crime against nature. The charges stem from allegations Efird had a sexual relationship with a James Kenan High School student.

    “It’s just disgraceful, in my point of view,” Efird’s neighbor George Kensly Lee said.

    Lee, a father of two, says his kids look up to their teachers. He could not believe Efrid would do something like this.

    “Standards and morals have gone out the window,” he said.

    Other neighbors agreed the 31-year-old Efird, her husband and their young child keep to themselves.

    When we first approached them about their neighbors, they thought we were coming to talk to them about Emily’s husband John.

    “I’ve known since they’ve moved in that he was a sex offender,” Lee said.

    Lee says the Efirds have lived nextdoor to him for about five years. Five years he has spent keeping a close watch.

    “When you have someone like that beside you, you pay attention,” Lee said. “Your guard is always up.”

    Lee says he and his family will be fine as long as the Efirds stay on their side of the fence.

    “God bless them, and I hope they stay on their side and that I do not have any more interactions with them,” he said.

    When we went to the Efirds’ house today, John Efird asked us to leave.

    The Duplin County School Board issued a statement saying it trusts the judicial system to address what happened.

    Efird is due back in court in December unless a grand jury indicts her before that.

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