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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – He’s the only CEO that CFPUA customers have ever known, but after close to 30 years of public service Matt Jordan has decided to call it a career in North Carolina and head to the Sunshine state.

After years of a stinky situation that left plenty of cracks in the eyes of the public, the city and county hired Matt Jordan to fix an aging infrastructure.

“There were no payroll systems in place, there were no policies and procedures and permits had to be transferred,” Jordan said. “Employees from the city and county were being transferred in and assigned to the appropriate positions. Fortunately we were able to put together a very quality group of managers.”

With the help of those managers CFPUA embarked on a journey to upgrade customer service and the quality of New Hanover County’s drinking water.

After putting in countless hours to improve the situation Jordan advised the CFPUA board for help in the form of a bond to completely overhaul an antiquated system.

“There were rate increases and there were different things that happened,” Jordan said. “Any time there is a lot of change particularly when that change happens in a time when the economy is really not going in the right direction and going down. It was really a difficult time for everyone.”

Under Jordan’s leadership CFPUA was able to put the past behind it, namely an EPA violation for the leaky Northeast Interceptor sewage line, and move forward with sparkling quality.

“I believe this organization has accomplished what we were asked to accomplish,” Jordan said. “Not that there’s not more to do or that there’s other things that have to be done but in the strongest sense of the word and the good foundation establishing a good strong vibrant utility that is here and in place. I feel a great deal of satisfaction that that has been accomplished.”


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