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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say a man is dead after his car and tractor-trailer crashed on Carolina Beach Road this morning.

Police have identified the driver as Frankie Eugene Williams, 37, of Raleigh. They say he died after he ran a stop sign from Wellington Ave. onto Carolina Beach Road around 8 a.m.

Witnesses say Williams’s Mercedes went under the truck, and dragged the car about a block down the road, until the tractor-trailer stopped near Hardee’s.

Investigators say Williams was involved in a hit and run in the area, and was trying to get away from the driver he hit when he crashed into the tractor-trailer.

Both southbound lanes of Carolina Beach Road were closed for a few hours as crews cleared the scene.

The investigation continues, but no charges have been filed.


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  • His niece

    After almost a year I finally have enough strength to read the comments. No one knows what my uncle was thinking or what happened and no one deserves the right to bash him or say anything negative about him unless they knew him. He was a great man, father, friend, uncle, and much more. The lives he touched can’t be counted and for y’all to sit here and say all these negative things about him is just stupid. He is not here to defend himself so y’all just bashing him for no reason. Get a life. I love you and miss you so much.! R.I.P. Uncle Frankie

  • A Niece

    You sound stupid. EVERYONE (including your insensitive, judgmental, ignorant self) has a PAST. NO ONE IS PERFECT, AND EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES. My Uncle was a good man who made a mistake. If you have no sympathy that is fine, but have some respect for the decease. It is a shame that you were not raised better. If you have nothing supportive or nice to say keep your thoughts to yourself. My uncle had a wife, kids, and family who loved him, who are you to judge? Learn some manners, empathy and respect. You seem to have no life, sitting around leaving rude comments about a man you did not know. And please believe this is for you and any other person that chooses to act like you are the perfect person NEWSFLASH: YOU ARE NOT. I hope when your time comes, your background is squeaky clean, and you get the same respect you have given off. I’m going to pray for all you insensitive people on here. P.S. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

    R.I.P Uncle Frankie <3


    What a f****** idiot. Great job trying to hit-and-run! LOL Glad he didn’t kill anyone else while he was being CHILDISH trying to get out of paying, what, a couple hundred dollars for a collision? You people are dumb as hell trying to justify his actions by saying ‘he had a past’. Darwin at work.

  • anne

    Guest 54 – if you really knew what it meant for people to go to hell, you might not be wishing it on anyone. Hell exists for those who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. When you die, you either go to Heaven (through salvation) or you burn in hell for eternity.

    I hope that Frank knew the Lord, because if he did, he is in Heaven today. If not, he is in hell.

  • Guess0716

    Very ignorant and childish comment!!

  • Guest34

    Hopefully you make it to heaven so he can hit you with some bless oil..

  • Cherita

    You are clueless! For the record his car was paid for
    And he did not obtain his possessions by selling drugs
    or any other illegal act! I know you were taught better
    than this. Or were you? You do not know the first thing
    about this man so why make stupid comments as such.

  • Frank Wright

    So is that how it works? The pastor is forgiven and looking forward to a job in heaven because … well, because he’s your pastor. But the rest of us should “burn in hell” because we criticize him for being irresponsible, ignorant, and reckless? Makes perfect sense.

  • Frank Wright

    Is he going to be doing hit and runs in heaven?

  • Vog46

    The victim DID in fact hit another car on Converse drive and then took off. The BMW was driven by Dr. Feras Tanta(sp?) and internist I believe.
    They went from converse, south on Independence to shipyard – west on shipyard to 17th. North on 17th then west on Wellington where they supposedly hit speeds of 90mph.
    Two things are weird here.
    The Dr says he was trying to get the tag number. Well there are lights at Independence and Shipyard, another set at Shipyard and 17th, and another set at 17th and Wellington. Did the victim run ALL three sets? (Then there’s the final set at Wellington and CB which we know he did run). I could never count on all 3 sets being green but I suppose it could happen.
    Wellington Ave is one of the heavier traveled streets in the city and there’s a couple of apartment complexes along it. The road surface is terrible – and they got to 90mph?

    BTW the cops have charged the Doctor with misdemeanor reckless operation of a vehicle………
    If this guy (the victim) was a father, husband and great parishoner, perhaps he shoulda thought of that before he acted like a buffoon. He should assume personal responsibility for his failings and should have stopped after hitting the doc’s BMW.
    A good Christian, a good father and a responsible husband would have stopped to make sure the other guy was OK.
    Judgmental? Yeah, I suppose, but the Bible clearly indicates that there were secular laws that should be followed (remember Joseph and Mary going to Bethlehem? They were going to be counted – a requirement from the Romans)


  • j lewis

    whoever mad the comment about pick and choose that was a bunch of nonsense u made up but u better be careful how u judge this man of god because your day is coming and u don’t no the bible to well yourself bcause who else makes the decision for eternial life its up to u to live your life and whatever u do because u pay for it at the end of the day

  • Gods child

    God has a better plan for frank..r.i.p

  • Guest 34

    I don’t know who these negative people are but I hope y’all burn in hell.everyone has a pass and for you to bring up franks past is selfish.god forgave him so why can’t everyone else.frank isn’t here to tell what really happen so stop believing everything you read.i know god has a job in heaven for him so no matter what he is good.R.I.P

  • WOG

    For the short time God allowed me and my husband to meet you, is priceless! Rest now in heaven and may God watch over your wife and children/ family! We love you and will miss you greatly!

  • Angewidert

    None of our place to judge? Only God? Then I guess we should all do whatever we want on Earth right? Nonsense.

    Pick-and-choosers like you make me laugh. Just pick the Bible verse that makes you feel good and throw away the rest. If you were actually capable of reading and understanding the whole Bible, you would already know that it never said that only God would judge. That’s just some crap you put together to avoid responsibilities.

  • windy

    I don’t have “a past”. Most people I know don’t have “a past” either. It may be hard for you to believe but the majority of the people around here actually abide by the law and live their lives accordingly. I have no sympathy for someone who engaged in criminal activity and caused a crash which thankfully did not kill any innocent bystanders.

  • guesty

    So you think his God would be pleased that he caused damage to another individual and attempted to run from the responsibility? What if the driver he hit had been injured?

    You nor his family have to read any of these postings. Just like Frankie, you make choices.

  • Gods Child

    Right or wrong, wrong or right. It is none of our places to judge. God called him home and when he stands before him, that’s when his judgment day is.

  • Guest 4253

    Why not?

    It’s always sad when someone loses a life, but “DON’T THINK!!!!” ? Unfortunately, thinking probably would have led to a more successful conclusion of this incident than him just “reacting”.

    Would you be saying the same thing if someone else instead of him had died as a result of his actions? Would you still be saying “DON’T THINK!!!!” about “WHY Frankie was ‘racing” down the street” then? Would it not have mattered then too if the consequence of his actions had resulted in the termination of someone else’s existence instead of someone you personally care about? I “think” not.

    I’m very sorry for your loss, but your “DON’T THINK!!!!” statement is just asinine.


    I was a friend of Frankie as well. He like everyone else had a past. He didn’t always make the right decisions. But he was striving to live a life that would be pleasing to his God, his wife and his children. He is still a person who has lost his life and his presence will be missed by all of us who knew and loved him. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but please respect those of us who have to read it, and try to consider the family of the deceased….what if it were your family. And also, Frankie may have been a lot of things in his lifetime, but one thing I believe in my heart is that he was ready. Ready to meet his Heavenly Father. Can you say the same? Think about it. RIP FRANKIE!!

  • Prayers4urfamily

    ok, so let me get this right, I must be the only living, breathing soul on the planet that is NOT perfect??(oh and of course Frankie….) Has no one out there EVER made mistakes in their life? Known anyone that has messed up over and over AND over again to hopefully in the end be able to say they learned from their mistakes / bad CHOICES??? We ALL have known or do know ppl like that! Does that make YOU/THEM such a horrible person that YOU/THEY deserve THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT????? HELL NO!! I’ve made some REALLY messed up CHOICES in my life that HAS affected other ppl, but I don’t think I deserve this !!
    As far as ppl THINKING they know WHY Frankie was ‘racing” down the street,DON’T THINK!!!! No matter what, HE’S STILL SOMEONE’S SON, BROTHER, BEST FRIEND AND HEART! Im sure they know MOST of his “wrong doing’s” and LOVE HIM ANYWAY!!!! Please remember that before opening your mouths’ and THINKING you KNOW someone and why they do what they do!!! My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to Frankie AND his whole family! Also to the truck driver….. I’m sure he will not ever be the same man he was that morning before he drove down that road!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!

  • Brenden

    The comments that were made about the victim of that horrific car crash were insensitive. The people who made those comments didnt consider that, no matter right or wrong he was still a human being. This man was someone’s son, someone’s brother, another’s husband, another’s father, someone else’s friend. And for an individual to make comments like that shows the lack of respect for humanity, no matter the mistakes of the victim. It’s truly disrespectful to speak of the deceased in that manner even more when they have love ones hurting from this sort of ordeal. Ignorance is a delicacy for fools and a mouth used without thought first is a curse. So keep on talking and posting insulting hurting families with your wicked comments careful you might find yourself in a bad position. Something’s aren’t to be said even when they are true,sometimes we say things at the wrong time ,and something’s don’t need to be said at all.

  • joi

    Boy I have never seen such rude and disrespect. I hope none of these people with such vicious rude judgemental comments have to suffer such a loss as this man wife, kids, relatives, and friends did today. No on deserves to loose their life! There is no perfect being so if death is what a person deserves for making a mistake or bad judgement then well we all in trouble. I can never see myself saying a loss life is deserved. This world is heartless and cruel. Understand you have children and love ones out here can you really say that about your loveexceed ones if you were in this situation? Smfh

  • sosadened

    Frankie is one of my loved ones. It sadens me to read all of these negative remarks. The investigation isn’t over. But furthermore small children are without their father a wife without her husband and sisters without their brother. Frankie turned his life around and eas preaching and teaching the word of God. And with the rude and hurtful conments please be advised we don’t laugh about Gods people. Suppose one of his children read the negative things you all are saying. Speculation and assuming what occurred is a sad thing. When will the human race stop labeling people and pray for them. We should care for one another no matter what . The bible says with love and kindness have I drawn thee. So instead of being negative lets pray for his kids and our own . That they grow up and not make the same mistakes as we did. RIP Frankie we love yoi….

  • guesty

    Once again, criminal acts are not mistakes but active choices. People like you that makes excuses for criminal behavior are just as much a problem as the criminals are. He set the wheels in motion for his death by his choices. He ran from an accident. He blew off a stop sign leading to a 5 lane road.

    The simple fact that he was a son, brother, best friend means nothing since he decided to risk the lives of every driver on the road.

  • WishThisWasaDream

    It is my understanding that the BMW chasing the hit and run criminal was driven by none other than a local doctor here in Wilmington. How’s that for an oxymoron??? Someone supposed to save lives was directly responsible for helping kill someone today, criminal or not.

  • peter

    Coming from wellington is that not a right hand turn only at stop sign if dragged to hardees not only did he not stop but going wrong way or did he go right but dragged that far

  • JAM954

    I was on Wellington Ave when that fool drive by me doing at least 100. No consideration for any other cars on the road or children crossing the street or anything. The only thing this person was thinking about was trying to get away with the car he wasn’t paying for in the beginning.Bye!

  • Guesttrevor

    Is that blood on the pavement

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