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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Are you tired of car after car speeding through your neighborhood? It may become a thing of the past in Wilmington thanks to a new big brother type of technology.

The City of Wilmington has spent close to $40,000 on nine pieces of radar it hopes will make the streets a little safer.

“From time to time the folks in the neighborhood get a little excessive and take out mailboxes and trees,” said Jordan Barrett. “It’s pretty bad.”

After numerous complaints from residents the City of Wilmington decided to hit the brakes on this troubling trend by purchasing 7 digital radar signs and 2 stealth radar systems to measure traffic in certain areas of town.

“It’s less expensive to put a stealth unit in place and gather the data from different neighborhoods and then position the officer where the problem is at the time of day that the problem is,” said city spokesman Dylan Lee. “It’s really targeted at addressing the problem and to be as efficient as possible.”

Despite the $40,000 price tag residents say that it’s worth it because you can’t put a price on piece of mind.

“There’s a little girl that lives right across the street and she rides her little razor scooter all the time, and I worry about her,” said Evan Edwards. “There are a bunch of dogs in the area, I’m personally a dog owner, and I worry about them getting hit by the cars too. It’s crazy; something needs to happen for sure.”

The new radar systems purchased by the city are mobile and can easily be moved from neighborhood to neighborhood.

City spokesman Dylan Lee says you can expect to see them hit the streets in about six weeks.


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