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They’re tiny, they’ll make you itch, and they want to suck your blood.

The newest addition to the Cape Fear Museum is the Attack of the Bloodsuckers Exhibit.

This bloodsuckers exhibit has something for everyone from games to trivia, and even hands on activities. So, you may learn a thing or two about these pesky pests that you didn’t know before.

“I didn’t know before this exhibit came, before we started talking to the New Hanover County Health Department, that Wilmington and the region has more than 40 types of mosquitoes,” Cape Fear Museum Historian, Janet Davidson said. “You just sort of think, ‘Oh, mosquito,’ and you’re done with it. But there are actually a whole range of them.”

A whole range that are after you, and a growing number of them since the heavy rainfall we’ve seen in the last few weeks.

“The more rainfall we get, the higher the flooding is on the landscape,” David Jenkins, Senior Environmental Health Program Specialist said. “Therefore, more eggs are hatching, producing more mosquitoes.”

That’s bad news for anyone who likes to lounge outside.

“These mosquitoes can carry virus,” Jenkins said. “We try to monitor for virus with our sentinel (chicken) flock that we have in the county, and alert our public if we do determine there is a virus.”

So, if you’re sick of swatting these insufferable insects, you can head indoors and see them on display, where you can even learn more about how to avoid them.

“Pretty much everyone has been bitten by a mosquito,” Davidson said. “And this exhibit explores you know, whether you get a little bump or a big bump, what attracts mosquitoes, and also gives you some helpful tips about how to maybe get rid of mosquitoes in your house and area around you.”

And for the little ones, the games are informative, while still teaching them about these biting bugs.

“It’s also teaching you while you’re playing these games,” museum visitor Anna Diop said. “And you don’t even realize it because it’s so fun.”

You can check out Attack of the Bloodsuckers from 9 AM – 5 PM Monday through Saturday, and 1 PM – 5 PM on Sundays.

It will be in town through Labor Day.


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