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BOILING SPRINGS LAKES, NC (WWAY) — A city leader has called for a special meeting, but he will not tell his colleagues what he wants to talk about.

City Council members are not saying much after they received an email from Carroll Friday night. They’re not saying much because they say they do not know what information Carroll will present.

Monday Mayor Pro Tem Charlie Carroll said he wanted to discuss issues related to the Boiling Spring Lakes Fire Rescue Department.

Carroll would not talk on camera but his e-mail reads in part: “I have been made privy to information that should be put before council and citizens at once… While I am not sharing this information tonight, all of you will be given everything prior to the opening of the meeting that day.”

Commissioner Craig Caster, who also serves as the liaison between the city and the fire department say he has “no clue” what this meeting will consist of.

Commissioner Mike Forte says he feels unprepared because of the lack of detail provided.

Firefighters are also in the dark.

The meeting is opened to the public and will begin Wednesday at 10 a.m. at City Hall.


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