Community members discuss concerns over growing gun violence


WILMINGTON, N.C. (WWAY) — After several weeks of violence and numerous shootings, community members rally together to end violence in their neighborhoods.

Residents living in Precinct W29 met for their monthly meeting Monday to discuss a number of issues including the recent spike of violence.

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“There are a lot of issues going on. It’s not unique to Wilmington. It’s clearly a societal issues that we need to step up and address together,” said Ralph Evangelous, Wilmington Police Chief.

Evangelous entertained dozens of questions from concerned community members about the rising gang and gun violence that now plagues their communities.

“They wanted to know what they can do and I told them to provide us the information,” said Evangelous.

Residents say they are tired of watching their neighborhoods decline because of a lack of leadership and parental involvement.

“A lot of kids aren’t brought up with good morals. It’s kids raising kids and that factor is dangerous,” said Tom Attwood.

Police say even though we have seen an increase in crime in some areas, the news isn’t totally grim here in the Port City.

“The rest of the city is having historic crime reductions,” said Evangelous.