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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The state Senate approved a bill that would make it harder for some welfare applicants to get assistance.

The measure would require drug testing and criminal background checks on all applicants for North Carolina’s Work First Welfare Program.

Anyone who fails the test cannot receive benefits for a year.

The only way around that is to show proof you’ve finished a substance abuse treatment program and passed another drug test.

“People that, you know, that drink, or do drugs, shouldn’t be on it,” Ron S., a supporter of the bill said. “And if they drug test people or alcohol test and drug test, and whatever, and they find out the person’s doing it, then they don’t need to be on it.”

Another requirement would be mandatory background checks for applicants.

Bill advocates say that will keep fugitives, probation and parole violators, plus those with outstanding warrants off government assistance.


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  • jkaustin

    How is that comment illiterate? I did not notice any misspelled words. And everything seemed grammatically correct.

  • Pipestr

    ummm – can you read what you wrote???
    If they have “citizenship or residency” then they are not ‘illegal’….. and yes, many who ARE here Illegally DO receive welfare.

  • your mama

    Drugs for a day are cheaper then providing food and clothes for a family year round. Especially if the person is buying with shame for drugs. No one is going to take care of your family because you buy their products, that’s so stupid. Sense you spend your kids collage fund on a trip to Hawaii, does that mean the Hawaiians have to send your kid to school. No, you do! You have to fix it, your the cause well make a solution. Most people who do drugs have hella issues, caused by the people.

  • rachel

    i believe before you leave rude and illiterate comments you should educate your self and know facts regarding welfare. fact number 1 if you can read immigrants can not qualify for welfare fact number 2 immigrants do pay taxes and guess what they do not get any tax return and fact number 3 according to a recent study thanks to MEXICANS the U.S collected $10.6 BILLION in 2010 money Mexicans are never get back and if they do qualify its because they have children who are U.S citizens not immigrants as you would say

  • Debra Nunn

    I don’t know where you live but where i live all the illegals get welfare. They don’t even have to show proof of nothing. So before you talk you better do your research.

  • mel

    if they can manage to find money for drugs im sure they will figure it out

  • Fair is fair

    I think it is fair to drug test . Most jobs require you to pass a drug yes to work for your money, and you can have free medical coverage and more money then I could ever afford in food assistance. Meanwhile they end up selling their food assistance for their drug money. But don’t have to work , I have to work as much overtime to pay for me and my child’s Health coverage, food, and all my bills.

  • Amber

    OK. I was at social services one day. There was a Hispanic lady ahead if me. She had four children and was pregnant. Now the fact she received benefits that day didn’t bother me. But the fact herself and her three daughters were all decked out in jewelry and name brand clothes did. Did I mention the fact that they drove away in a hummer? My god I’ve had a job since I was twelve and still can’t afford any of that. So I can understand some hostility about this situation.

  • Guest12

    I know a woman, born in mexico, doesnt even speak spanish, has 3 kids and gets welfare. She is “illigal”.

  • tammycalifornia

    If an individual was concerned on how they would support their family and meet their needs, then why dont they stay off the drugs and deal with that instead of being high. i think it is a good idea to drug test, I am a welfare reciepant in the state of California, i do not have no problem drug testing fo ranyone and thats how it shudl be if a person is concerned about supporting their familiy and they need the assistance.

  • Longman

    If you kick off those on drugs for a year, how will they support themselves and their families? You will see a rise in crime,ie robbery, murder, etc. They need to get treatment. I beleive this law is unfairly targeting minorities and must be challenged at the federal level and funding cut until it meets the federal guidelines.

  • Guest123

    First off its people like you that put this country to shame. Second, illegals are not recieving welfare. Lastly, if you did some research you would know that many illegals who are working do pay taxes! Wether that is from working, property tax, or everyday taxable goods they are buying. Before you go spouting off about illegal immigrants you should do some reseach. I must not forget to mention the fact that you pointed your finger directly to Mexicans. May I be the one to remind you that Mexicans are not the only illegal immigrants in this country? You should go crawl back into your little hole you came out of and read a book or something.

  • Guest34567

    illegals arent given welfare idiot! they are only given help if they are immigrants but have citizenship or residency. with that said they are here legally and are working here legally therefore they are paying taxes! dont speak out of your ass and educate yourself!

  • Guest2020

    I don’t think we would be much surprised.

  • Guest123

    they should add to this bill that NO illegals should get help with food, housing or medical care from this country. They have never paid taxes here and we owe them nothing!

    If You can’t even speak English why am I constantly in line behind you in the grocery store with your 3 carts of food and your 6 mexican kids all under age 10 following you? can you say EBT in english?

  • Guest53

    Sounds great!
    Let’s also extend drug testing to our elected representatives in Raleigh. We might be surprised.

  • Bill Whitley

    Welfare recipients are wards of of the working tax payers. They should be subject to the same scrutiny as we are who work.Testing should be required from inception and repeated at a minimum annually. God bless the Republican General Assembly who have protected us from fiat annexation, given us a right to defend ourselves, protected the integrity of our vote at the polls and cut income taxes and taxes on food.

  • Guest1234543

    If an airline crew has to be drug tested then they also deserve to have all their passengers drug tested also, same for all transportation workers, the AMA decided it wasn’t necessary for them, what is the policy for government workers, it’s a know fact we have had and still do 2 presidents that are admitted drug user’s, but the bottom line is, if drug testing is a pre employment test for normal people, why in the heck does it not apply to government, medical, and welfare applicants?

  • Guest2609

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. If I have to be subjected to a drug test for a job that I receive compensation for, then anyone receiving free money from the state should also be subjected to drug testing. I also think we need to follow suit the same way New Jersey did when it came to individuals on welfare. If you are on welfare and get pregnant we will pay for that child. If you do it again, there is no more money because you are having more children. It is time that we start holding people accountable for their actions. And don’t say it is not the child’s fault. Where do these people learn it from? They see their parents doing it and do it themselves.

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