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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say three women were sexually assaulted over the past few weeks.

But, what they are mostly concerned about is the fact that none of the victims can remember the attacks.

Police say although the women could not remember the assaults, victims told police they felt as if they had been sexually violated.

“It’s tough to see somebody in that position,” Wilmington Police Lieutenant George Perkins said. “And know that for a period of time they had no idea what was going on with their physical body.”

He says three women recently found themselves confused about what happened during a night out downtown.

“We had one who woke up on the Best Western in Market, knew she was downtown, but had lost a period of time,” Perkins said. “She knew she was drinking downtown, then lost memory of what happened over several, several hours. We had another female who was found by several police officers downtown, walking the street with nothing on from the waist down. She had obviously been in some type of struggle based on the way her shirt was and that kind of stuff. And then we had the one over this past weekend.”

Investigators say the victims were taken to the hospital, where they were treated and released.

Wilmington Police spokeswoman, Linda Rawley says all three women were intoxicated at the time, but there is no word yet if they were drugged.

Rawley says she is concerned about the string of assaults, and advises women to be more vigilant of themselves and their drinks.

She says their downtown unit is beefing up patrol in light of the recent events.

“They’re going to be looking out for women who are overly intoxicated; trying to monitor them to make sure they get to their car safely,” Rawley said, “But we’re just trying to look out for, in and around areas where bars are, where women are coming out that are heavily intoxicated. We’re just going to be paying a lot of attention to them.”

As police try to figure out if the cases are connected, some in Downtown Wilmington said they expect crimes like sexual assaults to happen there.

“Obviously, it’s a shame but it doesn’t surprise me,” said Jonathan Olson, a bartender.

“No not at all. I was surprised it was so low of a number you were giving me,” Brandon Warren, who frequents downtown bars.

No women we tried to talk to in Downtown Wilmington about the assaults wanted to go on camera.


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  • dan smith

    women are not equal to men. check out the bible. god said that

  • guesty

    I think he also posts as tweety

  • VvNocvV

    God has NO part in what females should do. They are Equal to Man and It is sad what happen downtown but i bet from reading the article it was a drug by the same person in the same bar doing it. Something like this happen in Asheville, NC Last winter.

  • beth


    Men don’t belong behind the wheel of a car, insurance stats point out what lousy drivers you are.

    When you give up your right to maim and run, women will give up their right to run around in the grass.


    Little (Not Helpless) Women of America

  • truthseeker

    WPD Spokesman Rawley is a fine example of incompetence. WPD going to monitor drunk women going to cars. Yea, ok, why so they can meet them off duty. That statement was as dumb as the women who go out unattended, get drunk and become the attention of bar rowdys.

  • guesty

    Back in your cave little guy. Also, do you often votoe?

  • Guest 1492

    – dean bailey
    – dean smith
    – dan smith
    – ricky smith
    – etc

    All are the same attention-starved little boy. The more angry responses he gets, the more gratification he feels. I guess the poor little fella just doesn’t have a real life.

  • Poochie

    “They’re going to be looking out for women who are overly intoxicated; trying to monitor them to make sure they get to their car safely,” Rawley said.

    Lord Jesus! The overly intoxicated tart should be monitored, but “so they can get to their car safely” and behind the wheel!

    God help us all!

    Is this why we have so many drunks driving away from the downtown bars?

  • dan smith

    only place female belongs is in the home. god didnt want females outside home. it started with giving them the right to votoe.

  • Vog46

    A woman does not DESERVE to be raped under any circumstance.

    But lets think a minute on this situation.
    Were they drinking? Yes. To excess? More than likely, but that alcohol was probably enhanced by some sort of drug.

    But at it’s core – drinking is involved – and drinking impairs judgement. For some it takes only “a couple” for others, much more but in all cases impairment happens.
    Where’s the anger directed towards the server? They too have a responsibility to shut off someone who has had too much.
    Where are the designated drivers? I was never caught drinking and driving but believe me, in my younger days I sure did do it. I was also a bartender for awhile and saw first hand what drinking does – and had to attend several classes as the state I was in had laws pertaining to servers. I was fortunate in that my boss always backed me up when I shut off a patron – even those who came often and spent loads of money – there was never a question. I even shut of the Bosses father once and the Boss thanked me AND drove Dad home that night.
    Our down town area is populated by far too many drinking establishments, that are patronized by people with no self control, and who’s servers and owners are NEVER questioned or mentioned in news articles pertaining to DUI/DWI or drunken brawls in the area.
    No woman should be raped under any circumstance and I fear that someone slipped something into these girls drinks. But, we also need to look at the servers – bartenders waiters or waitresses and ask the question – why weren’t they shut off?
    Alcohol is very bad stuff when abused, and a quick trip to the bathroom allows for anyone to spike a drink. We encourage far too much of this down town and benign negligence to this is just as bad as the person doing the spiking of the drinks.


  • DollarDivots

    Is the rape drug, wonder if the victims were tested?

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