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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Some Wilmington Police officers are not happy with the department. That’s according to an unofficial job satisfaction survey.

The survey conducted by an anonymous group within the Wilmington Police Department shows that the majority of employees that filled it out are unhappy with their job and the low morale within the agency.

A WPD spokeswoman says someone got access to the city’s server and sent out the survey to select employees. Someone then gave a report of the results to Chief Ralph Evangelous.

According to the survey, 79 percent of employees are some level of dissatisfied with the morale of their co-workers.

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One person wrote, “I am satisfied with my job, overall there seems to be very low morale amongst many employees, and this affects everyone around. The main concerns seem to be low pay, unfair promotion process, ‘good ole’ boy’ mentality of the higher-ups taking care of their friends…”

Another wrote: “Loyalty and hard work are not rewarded. Laziness and who likes you are. ”

The survey claims to have received responses from 43 percent of those it went to.

The police department says the results cannot be verified, and the brass has no idea who is responsible.

Communication was also an area of contention.

Almost 90 percent noted poor communication between people in different divisions or sections of the agency.

Chief Evangelous did not want to go on camera, but in a statement said, “We take serious the concerns of our entire workforce and work hard to keep open communications on all levels of the agency.

“During the past year we have implemented several efforts to promote open communications within the agency such as monthly vertical staff meeting and coffee with the chief.”

The survey also shows the majority of people who responded did not agree with how the leadership responds to important internal issues.


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