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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — As Carolina Beach dives into election season, candidates are taking their campaigns to Facebook. As a result, the town’s pool plan is turning political.

“Even though it is a campaign Facebook page, we wanted the citizens of Carolina Beach to come in and be able to comment on our issues and opinions,” Town Council candidate Mike Worley said.

Worley posted on his Facebook page earlier this month that the town’s pool plans should be put to a special referendum. The town’s charter does not allow for that, so Worley is researching to change that.

“We can have some sort of referendum to allow the taxpayers to make a choice, and that’s what I would love to happen,” Worley said.

Incumbent Councilman Tom Bridges says even if a referendum was allowed, it would not work in this case.

“You really can’t just ask, ‘Hhey, do you want to build the pool?’ like its a survey,” Bridges said. “That’s not the purpose of a referendum. Referendums are extensive.”

Mayor Pro Tem Steve Shuttleworth said the town has given the voters a chance to have their voice heard through several meetings and a survey.

The plans to build a pool are still in the works.

“The main thing the town council has to come up with is can we afford at this time to build a pool?” Bridges said.

Residents we spoke with liked the idea of a public pool.

“It’d be a great idea to have a swimming pool here at Carolina Beach,” Erby Burton said. “That way if the kids didn’t want to go into the ocean, they could go into the public pool.”

The idea for a pool has been discussed for some time.

There’s still no word on an exact cost on the project.


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