FIRST ON 3: UNCW track captain racially harassed on campus by five white men



Dear Campus Community,

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Below you will see a statement my office is releasing regarding a regrettable incident that was reported on our campus yesterday afternoon. You will likely see media coverage of the incident this evening and beyond, and we hope such coverage will bring about continued dialogue on this and related issues. Hateful actions like the one reported yesterday will simply not be tolerated on this campus. I applaud UNCW student Brent Campbell for coming forward to share his experience and encourage all of you to do the same if ever you’re faced with similarly vitriolic circumstances. In this environment where we so strongly promote diversity, respect and student safety and well-being, this is a very upsetting development indeed — and one we’re not taking lightly.

“I have been made aware of a deplorable racial incident that was reported on our campus this past Monday afternoon involving one of our African-American students. It came to our attention today that Brent Campbell, a rising senior and captain of the UNCW men’s track team, was training on the Intramural fields at around 3pm in front of New Hanover gym when a blue pickup truck with 5 white male individuals drove past him several times and made derogatory racial comments. Simply put, UNCW will not tolerate incidents of this nature, by students, staff or visitors, and our police department is investigating accordingly. We have spoken to Brent to express our outrage that he endured this horrific experience. While it’s unconscionable that such hatefulness exists anywhere, it’s particularly upsetting that this occurred on the UNCW campus, where we strive to foster examination and action around diversity, respect, and issues of race and culture at every opportunity. This is just such an opportunity, and we are grateful that Brent has responded with such grace and openness so as to continue the important dialogue about race relations in Wilmington and beyond.”

Gary L. Miller