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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A deck in Carolina Beach has a some neighbors concerned. The group is now petitioning town council to put tougher regulations in place.

When looking for a place to call home, John Davis chose Carolina Beach because of its natural beauty.

“I picked Carolina Beach because of the great views, great beaches, the beautiful dunes,” Davis said. “Now that the structure has gone up, I feel like that has all been compromised.”

A deck in the 1000 block of Carolina Beach Ave. North has caught the attention of many neighbors in the area. They say it went up about two months ago.

“When it went up, that’s when we did some investigating to see what the rules were,” Rosemary Kramer said.

Much to their surprise, Carolina Beach does not have an ordinance in place that prevents construction like this on the dunes. That has neighbors concerned this deck will inspire others to build similar structures with roofs and arches.

“If we don’t get something passed, these could go up all over the beach, and quite frankly, I’d lose any view I have,” Davis said.

The group took their worries to the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission, which recommended town council put a limitation on building on the dunes.

“We really want to maintain the beautiful environment of Carolina Beach,” Kramer said.

If town council does not pass the proposed ordinance, Davis says he may have to make a change.

“I think not only me, but a lot of people would move out of the community,” Davis said.

Supporters of the tougher regulations say town council will consider them at its August 13 meeting.


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