Lt. Governor holds town hall meeting in Wilmington


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest spent much of Tuesday in the Port City.

Dozens of people made their way to the New Hanover County Government Complex Tuesday for a Town Hall meeting hosted by Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest.

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He talked about a number of state and federal issues including education.

“A town hall meeting is such a great opportunity to see if what you heard is correct,” said Carolyn Justice.

Justice is no stranger to politics. She spent 10 years serving as a Republican State Legislator from Pender County.

“Tell me what the facts are and not what I am just hearing other people say. I think it was an excellent opportunity to hear the real facts,” said Justice.

Sandy Younce also says politically active, usually against Republican policies.

He says he wanted to make sure he got his two cents in at Tuesday’s public forum as well.

“I thought I stumbled into a GOP meeting, because most of the people here are conservatives,” said Younce.

One of the major talking points at the meeting, and a very important issue to both Justice and Younce is public education.

“I was here for public education. I have been studying the budget and the process and what’s been happening to fund public education,” said Younce.

When it comes to funding for public education, the Lieutenant Governor says educators need to be more creative with the money they have. Justice agrees.

“They are spending more on education this year than last year. How is it that people can be saying that they’re not?” said Justice.

Even though Younce does not agree with much of what conservatives have to say, he says he is glad he had a chance to speak to some North Carolina politicians face-to-face.

“I think that they did a great job of answering, but they did not use many facts and they skirted the issue of information that is available for every citizen,” said Younce.

Other issues discussed during the Town Hall meeting included immigration reform and the Benghazi attack.