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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Investigators say two Carolina Beach police officers may have saved a man’s life after pulling him off of the ledge on Snow’s Cut Bridge.

“I just happened to see a guy straddling the rail on the top of the bridge,” said Ofc. Stephen Baize. “When I opened the door the gentleman told me to stay away from him because he was going to jump off.”

Ofc. Baize says what may have taken only a matter of minutes seemed like hours.

He immediately went back to his training, calmly talking to the man, and keeping him from jumping into the water below.

“He just kept saying that people didn’t care about him,” said Ofc. Baize. “I just reassured him that people do care about him. If nobody cared about him then we wouldn’t be there speaking with him at the time. We care, that’s our job to care about people. We didn’t want him to do anything rash and what he was trying to do wasn’t worth anything in the world.”

While Ofc. Baize distracted the man he says Cpl. Jeff Harvey slowly approached from the opposite direction, grabbing the man off of the rail before he even knew that he was there.

“It’s what we get paid to do,” said Baize. “It may sound like a huge deal to some people and obviously saving a life is a big deal but really it’s what we do. All officers probably have the same feeling. It’s just all in a days work I guess.”

Carolina Beach Police Chief Harry Humphries says he will consider giving both officers commendations for their actions.


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