Hundreds of jobs possibly coming to Wilmington


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington’s economy could see a boost in the near future.

Wilmington Business Development says it is in the early stages of courting a major company to the Port City.

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“Anything that would bring more jobs here, I think would be good for the city,” Wilmington resident Greg Goble said.

A leading worldwide organization that has been representing fortune 500 companies for 30 years is considering locating in Wilmington, according to a posting on the city’s website.

“It is very preliminary,” Wilmington Business Development CEO Scott Satterfield said. “They are considering wilmington and other locations for a customer service center.”

The posting on the city’s website includes a link to a job application and a survey.

“They’re determining if the labor force can meet their needs,” Satterfield said.

If the company does decide to call Wilmington home, Satterfield said it will bring more than 100 jobs to the area.

“People are always looking for jobs,” Yuliya Loshinsky of Wilmington said. “People really need jobs around here.”

Although the company is looking here in Wilmington, it is also looking at other cities as well.

Satterfield said he does not have a timeline for when he expects to hear from the company.

“We should be excited about any major company that is considering Wilmington as a possible location,” Satterfield said.

We reached out to City Manager Sterling Cheatham to get his thoughts, but he told us he was not the person to talk to and had no comment.