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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The first two vetoes by North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory block a requirement that certain welfare applicants be tested for drugs before receiving benefits and an immigration-related measure.

McCrory said Thursday he vetoed the bills left from the General Assembly session that ended last month.

The Republican governor says parts of the drug testing bill are unfair and fiscally irresponsible. He says similar programs in other states show the tests would do little to fight drug addiction.

The other vetoed measure would have exempted employers from using the E-Verify system for temporary workers of less than nine months, compared to no more than 90 days currently. He says the bill would have made it easier to hire immigrants in the country illegally.

Lawmakers could override the vetoes.

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  • fed up

    Okay, just a few weeks ago, he was all about the drug testing… Now he vetoes it? Hey, pleases, me, I think it was a waste of resources that was tucked into a motorcycle safety bill, and could see what a mess it could make, infringing on privacy, racial profiling, etc…. But guess what? I still don’t like you, Pat McCrory… You can’t fool everyone! Your flip flopping won’t win you a vote from any informed person.

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