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SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — Some Moral Monday protestors had some unexpected company when when they showed up outside of Sen. Bill Rabon’s office today.

For weeks the Brunswick County NAACP has planned to bring Moral Monday protests to the doorstep of Sen. Rabon (R-8th District).

“He has voted, as has the majority of the North Carolina Senate, to reduce the ability of the people of this district to vote,” protestor Jim McNeil said.

Protestors claim Rabon’s support of the voter ID law is an attempt to suppress votes for seniors, students, low wealth people and people of color.

“By reducing the number of hours that the early voting is open it makes it more difficult for people to get from rural places particularly to polling places,” McNeil said.

But the NAACP protestors met a little friendly opposition on this Moral Monday, and their message was clear: Tap the brakes on the runaway criticism.

“It’s just amazing to me that anybody would not want to have people identified and that people might not want every vote to count as a valid vote,” Rabon supporter Elyse Brown said.

Rabon’s supporters claim there is no reason not to have an ID, because they are needed for so many other vital parts of everyday life.

“In my opinion, people are against it, because they want to have a fraudulent vote,” Brown said. “If you go to the airport, you need your ID. If you go to the doctor you need your ID. Without it you can vote 20 times. You could vote for dead people, and you hear all sorts of stories about people voting for other people because you don’t have to have an ID.”

While the protestors were along the road voicing their opinion Sen. Rabon’s veterinary clinic was closed for lunch.


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  • The Sheriff

    “SORRY. I do not have to produce an ID to write a check at Harris teeter”

    And because of this cavalier attitude is why, as a business owner, I can refuse service and payment till you produce a valid form of identification.

    Quit being lazy and have your ID out and ready so you don’t slow up the line.

  • Vog46

    People here are making the argument that you need an ID for blah blah blah so it should be needed to vote. Then there are others who say you MUST be illegal or something else if you con’t have one and get off your butt get a job and be self sufficient.
    C’mon – those are peripheral arguments.
    Social Security recipients get direct deposit on their check – no need for ID.
    Voters produce identification upon registering to vote. Drivers present other ID to get their? picture license!! The country had centuries of voting without picture ID.
    Look lets face it – the REAL problem with voter fraud is NOT with the voter going into the booth – it’s with absentee ballots which you can cast without a picture ID !!!!
    The “pro” ID crowd has gone a little ditsy with their arguments here.
    I would humbly suggest that anyone getting entitlements be forced to vote in order to continue to receive those entitlements. If you wish we could take their picture upon their fist vote cast! Think about all those welfare queens voting every election – who do you think they’d vote for?
    Or is this just a veiled attempt to stop welfare queens from voting for politicians willing to give them more?
    I have an ID and get get to the polls.
    But the arguments here have gotten way out of control.
    With todays technology picture IDs are becoming somewhat archaic and are used as a “once only” ID in many instances such as banking. I do NOT have to produce an ID to cash a check at my bank – SORRY. I do not have to produce an ID to write a check at Harris teeter – SORRY.
    Stop with the silly arguments.


  • GuestMan.

    Who cares about you, hero? I served where they told me to go and you can believe I wasn’t sitting over here on my butt. So get on with your life and quit bragging because there are millions of people like us who served. You should know you fought for all people to vote, not just the ones YOU think should. The USA has had an all volunteer army since just after I joined in 1972, so you probably joined because you couldn’t find a real job. So keep playing the martyr role; it seems to suit you.

  • 1id1vote

    The arguments back and forth are amusing. One side is honestly arguing the merits of their position while the other side is knowingly lying and putting up a false argument about theirs.
    Side A – Knows there is fraud and that fraud works to their advantage but puts up a false argument of restriction of rights. Side A knows there are mobile DMV units that go to areas where DMVs are scarce, knows that with a phone call any number of organizations can take you to the polls, knows that a free id can be provided and knows that the law does not prohibit early voting.
    Side B – Honestly believes in the merits of a voter id system and how it protects their vote by making sure another vote is not illegally cast canceling out their vote. Side B does not realize they are in an argument with someone who is lying about and does not really believe in their stated position, they only repeat it over in an attempt to cover their real position. Fraud. Side B is playing chess with a pigeon.

  • Frank

    You still have 10 days of early voting available. Add that to the actual election day and you have 11 days where you can vote. The change in the law also added more early voting places and increases the hours of operation.

    Not to mention absentee voting.

    For those who don’t drive an ID is available at DMV for NO CHARGE.

    Don’t believe me? Fine. Look it up for yourself.

  • Guest123456

    Your comment that everyone in the Homes are required to have an ID is silly. My mother has not had one in years. New hanover placed her in the Home, not once did I ever have to show ID, just gave them her DOB,SSN and Name. The facility has an on staff doctor so there is no need for her to leave.

  • Guest123456

    Wow crazy..Happy you only have to think about one person. Please in detail do tell me how in just one day I can take 14 people to vote? Last year I couldnt do it in just one day. Im happy you only have to worrie about one persons rights, sorry i consider them as humans. My mother is only one example in a home of 76 people. yes i consider her to be lucky because she is one of the few that has a family member to visit and help her. Many do not have ANY friends or family. But thank you for knowing all, very happy you have lived our experences also. oh wait you have not. I bet you take a day off to vote, I bet you get a chance to take a day off to vote. Do you live in Shallotte? Nobody came to my car to help me get her in or the others. But its easy to get it all done on a 30 min lunch.

  • 1ID1Vote

    I am glad you have that opinion. If you believe so strongly in that right will you please go to the overpasses and protect the Impeach Obama protesters from police? Based on your belief, this should be the front lines of your fight, or is it “every right to peacefully protest” only when it fits your opinion?

  • halo123

    Agree with you guest123456. people keep saying *well i know someone who was sick and still was able to vote* but yet they do not understand that some people in homes do not have family or friends to pick them up. That most buses only hold just a few people and it take a long time to load them up ( i know bc my sister works at a nursing home ) i asked her if where she works could she get everyone where they need to be to vote in one day and she said no. dont let people bully you, they must live under a rock and know nothing outside of their life or better yet they are unwilling to think about anyone else other then themself. ~Carrie

  • halo123

    I understand where guest123456 is coming from. Happy your person can find a ride, but i understand that not everyone can. so the ones that dont have friends and family, that depend on strangers or people who donate their time may not be able to help them all get to vote in just a day. so with that cutting the voting days does take voting rights away from a person. elder people get sick…disabeled people get sick..most nursing homes can only hold just a few people in a bus at one time ( sometimes it takes an hr to get a few people ready for a trip) i know bc my sister works at a nursing home. if there is 50+ people wanting to vote, in one day they will not have time.

  • Unaffiliated.

    a reminder that the law will provide these ‘supporting’ documents for free for those that cannot afford them.

  • Guest2020

    Why do you object to American citizens proving that they have the right to vote?

  • Guest2020

    No one is restricting anyone’s right to vote. They are just asking us to prove we have the right to vote. I do have to have an ID to drive. I do have to have an ID to get a library card. I have to have an ID to see a doctor, to pick up certain medications and to write a check. I have to show and ID to rent a car and to board a commercial airplane. In order to keep someone else from using my credit card, I do not sign the back so that the cashier is required to ask for an ID. If I have to prove who I am for the everyday, mundane things of life, then I should have to prove that I have the right to do do the most powerful thing I can do as a citizen of the United States.

  • Guest2020

    They didn’t eliminate early voting. They just cut it back some.

  • 1SG America

    Thanks for your support!!

  • 1SG America

    Dear Ignorant A%%,

    If you were smart enough to read and comprehend, you would have read the original message. You would see that Ms Wilson stated people have DIED to have the right to vote. Well, I have served and have lost Soldiers, so no one knows better than me the PRICE OF FREEDOM. Which enables people like your self who claim to have served and if so probably did so state side and not in a Combat zone. So now go read the whole exchange and you will see now why I mentioned MY MILITARY service.

    1SG America

  • Guest123456

    just because you know someone who got there how do you know others are able to. does this person have friends? family? most of the people in theis home do not have friends or family. most are unwanted. my mothers roomate has not seen her family in 4 years and they live in the same town. dont assume

  • Guest123456

    It does effect… if you have one day voting and I get a 30 min lunch, I do not have the time to pick her up, sign the forms to take her on a day trip and drive to the location 8 miles from where she is at and vote then return her back then drive back to work. NC is 1 out of 6 states where your job does not have to give you the time to vote!!! But thank you for knowing our life so well and the others in the home that have no family or a day transportation to take them all at once to the polls… last year I went 3 different days to help people vote because they had no other way….so are you willing to drive to shallotte and help me next time?? considering you know everything.

  • Guest1234567

    Yes, the people have a right to protest. That wasn’t the issue raised. The issue raised was whether protestors have the right to obstruct a place of business. Do you perceive that as a right? If so, let us know where you are employed and we’ll give that ‘right’ a go. You can get back to us on how that worked out for you.

  • Hugh K

    I am in the same position. My wife has been severely disabled for the past 20+ years. In addition to her care-giver, I am working a full-time job, doing all of the house-cleaning, cooking, yard work, driving her to the many doctor appointments she requires at least twice a week just about every week of the year, etc, etc.
    How has this hectic schedule impacted her voting? — We drive up to the polling station where there are assistants outside that allow the disabled to vote from the car. It takes all of five minutes. That will not change now because of the new law. The only difference is she will now have to show an ID. Big deal…my wife has had to show her ID for quite some time already when she picks up some meds from the pharmacy which is no different from driving up to the polling station and showing her ID there now.
    My mother-in-law is in an assisted living facility and it is the same with her. The facility takes those that wish to vote out on a field-trip to the polling station. That won’t change now. The only difference is that the residents will have to show an ID…the very same ID that is already required for residents to possess while staying at the assisted living facility.
    Don’t you want your Mom’s vote to count? If so, please stop making lame excuses for a voting law that could prevent voter fraud from cancelling your Mom’s vote.
    Wishing your Mom (and her vote) the best…

  • GuestBR549

    how I have an elderly family member who hasn’t driven in 50 years, yet she managed to get a valid NC ID years ago and makes arrangements to get to the polls to vote. It’s not that difficult…

  • Guest12345

    So if these SS recipients have direct deposit, they didn’t need some form of ID to get that set up in the first place? They didn’t need to show some form of ID at the bank in which the account is held for the direct deposit to go into?
    You make no sense and just like all the rest of them, just fishing for some reason to make this a negative and to place blame. Its always someone else’s fault.

  • BTG

    “hell bent on restricting our Right”…really? This is such a lame argument. What justifies this is the demorats desire to place fraudulent votes. It happens..it’s documented. And in as much as you want to continue the status quo, the Republicans are in the majority now and the overwhelming majority of NC citizens want the voter id law. We want a just and verifiable election process. So take your fraud, lame arguments and demorat talking points, and get the hell over it. If you don’t have id, and can’t manage to get one before
    2016, we’re probably better off with you staying home IMHO.

  • GuestMan.

    Well, hero, I served too but you don’t see my ignorant ass trying to use that to an advantage of some sort. I guess that is why you mention it, because it certainly has nothing to do with this.
    The difference is bank accounts, p.o. boxes, cashing checks, etc. is not a right of all US citizens. Voting is a right that everyone has whether or not yhey possess an ID.

  • Guest123456

    Yes we are evil DEM’s. I’m an evil Dem that works 40+ hours a week, pays taxes, donates 10+ hours a week to a personal outreach program along with other events in my local area ( last night 6 hours on just one event). We are horrible, uneducated people. OMG to top it off I grew up on foodstamps, got free school lunch, and lived in a goverment funded home with a parent with a severe disability….just horrible the state took care of us so that I could grow up and take care of others in need. JUST HORRIBLE!!!!!! ITS an outrage!!!!
    Sorry us Dem’s think about everyone before we deside to remove a persons right away just to make others happy. So while i pick up dontations tonight and stay up to midnight boxing them up I will pray to GOD that he forgives me for being a DEM.
    But guess what this evil DEM has the right to vote!!!!!!

  • guesty

    Ask your mother to show you where the ‘caps lock’ key is located. Then never press it again because you have abused that privilege.

  • Guest123456


  • Gina

    It makes a difference to me that someone put their life on the line 7 times. You’re a clueless little dolt to say such things to our military men and women. What have you done in your life? I bet nothing, you think you’re doing something by standing with these immoral, unethicals clowns on voter ID. There was cheating, there were ignorant people preying upon the metally disabled signing them up as democrats to vote. People that are clearly not able or even aware of voting were being used by idiots like yourself. How great is your country now? This country is in shambles thanks to this inexperienced George Soros puppet. I bet you show that id to buy your alcohol without so much as a wimper.

  • Chris Weaver

    A poll tax…or some other ….”Test”
    As it would appear that select voters cannot make arrangements 2 and 3 years in advance to vote, there certainly is some deficiency on the capacity of the voter to prepare or make judgments…The Date of voting is commonly known is it not?

    Why…this diminished capacity falls right in line with what Democrats think of everyday citizens. We cannot drive the proper car with out government aid, we cannot eat the “right” foods, we cannot obtain our own healthcare, we cannot be trusted with 32 oz sodas, not trusted to teach our children about sex… Why, how in the heck can we be trusted to cast a vote? Yes… a poll test might be in order.

    Or at minimum, we must allow these select voters an opportunity to elevate their skill and educational level UP to that of a Uniformed Solider stationed over seas who do (unless the current admin get involved as before) have the capacity to vote .

  • Unaffiliated Voter

    most of them are entirely TOO stupid to be allowed to vote!

    STRIVE to be SMARTER than the EVIL CORRUPT democrackkks WANT you to BE, Fools!

  • Guest123456

    We the people have the right to protest. Just because you may not have the courage to do so does not mean we dont. I pay taxes and I get to deside how I get heard, because it looks like the system is not talking to its people but only thinking of what they want. And before you say they are thinking about their people…answer is no because they have not sent out a poll to see what people want, they have not questioned anyone to see why it would be okay to hurt people. If they went to major NC Schools they would find out that many voting rights are being taken away from students and those students are angry…. among many other groups. Please do your homework, if you have no idea who this is hurting then educate yourself on this topic before you go online.

  • Scott Betz

    I find it disturbing that people use driving, healthcare and the library as comparisons to voting. There is one major and absolutely important difference; VOTING IS A RIGHT and all the other comparisons are privileges. When a group or mob try to restrict a RIGHT, it does not matter what the excuses are, it is wrong. Our legislators are hell bent on restricting our RIGHT and they have yet to come up with anything that would justify this move.

  • Maureen A. Wilson

    Exactly, who can’t show up at the polls and vote? We all have the same eligibility requirements, fair and square. I am more concerned about fraudulent voting than I am about not being able to cast my ballot. I hear this hysteria about ‘keeping certain people’ from voting. Who can’t vote that meets the requirements? Again, we all meet the same ‘bar.’ I love Voter ID. Let us know when an eligible legal ID carrying voter is turned away at the polls.

  • Guest123456

    Please tell me ( because all of you know everything there is ) how 75 people with disabilities just in shallotte will be able to vote… I have a full time job and its hard to make time to vote let alone get my mother from the home and help her vote ( with one day voting I doubt I will ever be able to vote again, bc NC does not have a law to require your right to take off work to vote), what about the other 74 people who most do not have family? They do not drive for many reasons, several cant walk or stand. So to say they can just find a way to the dmv and get an ID ( last month after medications my mother was left with $13.00 ) I pay for everything …and we only need one day of voting. This has nothing to do with being Dem or Rep. If your willing to take away rights that do hurt people and prevent them from voting atleast have the polls go to them or pick them up. I dont care who you are, you have the right to vote!

  • Walter Powell

    First, please check your words before typing something wrong. The Democrats were in charge of the South throughout the “racist era” of the South. As a matter of fact, The Jim Crow Laws were put into place by….The Democrats. They took control of both US House and Senate in 1878 and began their reign of bad laws…..once again. So, before you spout out any more of your sappy, whinny, woe is me, republicans are evil bs, please get your information right!

  • OtherGuest

    It makes no difference whether the commenter served in the military. Nobody cares if you served in the military (except you). You did not necessarily earn anything, not even your pension. You should give some respect, then you might get some in return (without screaming what a military hero you are).

  • 1SG America

    Dear Ma’am,

    Who is excluding people from the right to vote?? If the state was giving out $100.00 bills, and all you had to do to collect was show a valid ID. You can bet that the same ones that don’t want to show a form of identification to cast a ballot. Would line the streets with VALID ID in hand to claim that $100.00 dollar bill. So the ignorance, that Democrat’s have about showing a valid ID, is just that IGNORANT! The Democratic party doesn’t want ID’s so they can have people cast more that one vote, since there is no way in verifying who has voted. I cant believe anyone would not want to make sure that John Doe voted as John Doe. To think anyway other than that is ludicrous! When you opened up your Bank acct, you showed an ID. When you opened up your PO Box you showed an ID. So what is so different, you want to vote present a State issued ID. You talk about people dying for so that others may have democracy. Have you ever served the U.S in any branch of the Military????? Well I served in the U.S Army for 23yrs, I have 7 Combat tours under my belt. So I know I earned the right, how about you!!!!!!!!!!

    1SG America

  • Guest9743

    Most social security recipients have direct deposit so there is no need for an ID card….and the state issued ID cards will have a cost associated with them, somebody has to pay, nothing is free! The citizens of NC will be picking up the tab for an extra one, two or three million dollars.

  • Guest3130

    “Real Americans” have every right to peacefully protest wherever it is they are able to get their representatives to listen. THAT’s “Real American.”

  • Guest84

    the voter suppression legislation is taking North Carolina BACKWARDS…period:

    “North Carolina had traditionally been a state where few people voted. It was ranked 47th in the country in voter participation in 1991, but rose to 34th in 2000 because of changes in the law to make voting easier. It rose to 21st in 2008 and to 11th in the country in 2012.”

    Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2013/08/17/3115208/college-students-will-have-to.html#storylink=cpy

  • Nancy McCullough

    If there were evidence that folks are casting fraudulent votes, I might understand. But this is complete nonsense. C’mon folks. Look at our history. NC, like so many other states, systematically kept certain people from voting. It’s the very same folks this time. Do you not see the pattern? The only way these Republicans can guarantee long-term their re-election is to exclude certain folks from voting. Do you or do you not believe in democracy? If not, own up to it and admit to at least yourselves who you are. If you DO believe in democracy, realize that lots of people DIED to win this right. For God’s sake, be on the RIGHT side this time. See this for what it is.

  • Tarheel

    In order to vote, one must be registered. Anyone who has ever gone to the polls to vote knows that the poll staff require a name from any voter wishing to register their vote. Once the voter’s name has been confirmed as eligible to vote (because they had to be registered), that person’s name is then crossed off the list, and permission/access to cast one’s ballot is granted. This process does not require any proof from the person wishing to vote; they simply have to state their name, be confirmed as registered to vote, and then vote.

    For those who are against requiring an ID, I have two simple questions that no one on that side of the fence has yet been able to answer: How would you feel if you showed up to cast your vote and were then told that someone has already used your name and voted? Would you still be against requiring an ID if someone had stolen your vote?

    For those who gripe about fewer locations or available days to vote, you’re being ridiculous, and it’s time someone pointed it out to you. Our nation has a LONG history of holding Election Day once a year. Early voting is granted in many areas as a convenience, NOT a guarantee. If voting in an election means so much to you, you’ll make the time and you’ll find a way to make it happen.

    These measures DO NOT “reduce the ability of the people of this district to vote”, Mr. McNeil. These measures guarantee that votes are not stolen. These measures guarantee that only those registered are allowed to vote.

  • Vicki Boyer

    I have NEVER been asked for an ID at a doctor’s office; insurance card, yes; photo ID, no.

    So many of us drive that we fail to realize that many do not. That is why all our towns have bus service. Low income folks cannot afford to buy a car and insurance. They take a bus. Low income folks are not likely to fly, either.

    Voting is a constitutionally granted right. Getting on a plane or buying sudafed is not.

    This requirement makes everyone guilty unless they can prove themselves innocent. That is very un-American. Cross-checking records between registered voters and NC drivers licenses shows that over 300,000 people are registered to vote but do not have a driver’s license. And guess what? Over 67,000 of them are Republicans.

    Some of our counties do not have a DMV office. Recent news stories have highlighted that the DMV ‘van’ used to service these counties is out of order and it may be some time before it is fixed. Meanwhile, people there cannot even renew licenses let alone get them. In other counties, DMV offices are not open 5 days a week and may not be serviced by bus lines, so those who cannot drive cannot get there.

    You say a driver’s license can be free for those who need them; but the supporting documents are not. It costs money to get copies of birth certificates, marriage or divorce documents, etc. And then, if your name is not exactly the same you are going to have trouble. My elderly aunt ordered a copy of her birth certificate; it did not give a first name but call her Baby Girl. How would she get a license with that, given the demands placed upon us by the NCGA???

  • Guest-o-matic

    …to require identification to do so. Just like the identification I have to have to rent a room, rent a car, buy an airline ticket, cash a check, buy a beer, drive a car, ride a motorcycle, get sudafed, etc.

    There is no voter suppression going on here. Anyone that doesn’t have a valid ID these days is either living in the dark ages or are an illegal alien. You people always portray yourselves as the victim. Get off your lazy asses, get a job, be productive in society and take control of your own lives. Stop allowing the gubb’ment to do it for you!

    If I didn’t know better, the democrats seem scared to death of this ID thing. It must mean that they’ll lose all of those illegal, cheating votes and won’t be able to maintain their fat pocket political seat. It is fully abhorrant to maintain a political position based on keeping people poor, in the dark and making them feel like they’re getting more free stuff…absolutely unbelievable!

  • OtherGuest

    To stand in the driveway, parking lot, or entrance to a fellow citizen’s place of business to protest specifically against that citizen’s political position (whether that citizen is holds political office or not) is inappropriate and unnecessary. Why potentially disrupt someone’s livelihood? Does anyone really believe that is an acceptable form of political protest? Or is it vindictive and judgmental behavior aimed at punishing the targeted citizen?

    To debate another person’s political view, whether on a specific subject or in general, is certainly within the rights of any American citizen.

    Too many responders to this article are angry and they are venting their anger in personal ways. When I think of America and the people of America, I think of people that have the grace and maturity to respect another person’s views whether they have been expressed in speech, by vote, or, as in this case, by voting to pass any law as an elected representative of the people. That is the very essence of the American democratic republic.

  • Guest123

    If you draw unemployment, Social security, or simply cash a check you have to have a ID. Sorry, i dont buy your excuse people cant get out to the DMV offices. Well how are they getting out to the voting polls??

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