Man charged in July 4 boat crash that killed girlfriend


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A grand jury has indicted a man accused of a July 4 boating accident that killed his longtime girlfriend on the Northeast Cape Fear River.

Larry Scott Duncan is charged with involuntary manslaughter, boating while impaired and reckless operation in the death of his long-time girlfriend Jennifer Lee Faircloth, who was also the mother of his two children. Prosecutors say they were on their way to Wilmington for the fireworks with other relatives, including one of their daughters, who were all in another boat behind them.

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Duncan made his first court appearance this morning after being arrested last night. Prosecutors say it took so long because Duncan was so badly injured, he just got out of the hospital Friday.

“I’ve been working 10 years, and this is the first one I’ve had with so many people involved close to my age, so I take it personally on that level. I’ve had fatalities before, but this is the first one close to my age,” said NC Wildlife Ofc. Christopher Holmes, who was the first to respond to the crash.

Prosecutors say Duncan had a blood alcohol level of .09 two hours after his speeding boat hit another with four people in it. They say he also had drugs in his system. Investigators say they found 200 prescription medications in his truck near the scene.

Assistant DA Doug Carriker, who is handling the case, said no impairing substances were found on the others boats.

“The only impairment occurred on the defendant’s boat,” Carriker said in court.

A judge appointed a public defender for Duncan, who said he will not be able to work in the near future.

Duncan and his family declined to talk after his hearing.