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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police are searching for five men they say are responsible for robbing two delivery drivers.

“During the late shift I feel sketched out going to some of the places around here,” driver Andrew Stathakis said.

Stathakis has never been robbed, but he says hearing stories of other drivers who have makes him nervous, especially after this past weekend, when police say there were two robberies of drivers just blocks away from each other.

Stathakis, who delivers for Jimmy John’s downtown, worries most about venturing away from the river.

“The further you go back it seems to get a little worse, but you just have to tough it out,” he said.

Police say Saturday night a female driver from Domino’s was robbed by two black males in blue jeans, one with a white t-shirt, the other with a red polo. The victim said the men were standing at the bottom of the front steps at a home on South 14th Street and pointed their fingers as guns. She called 911, but one man took the pizza while the other pushed her down, choked her, then took her phone.

“That’s about all you can do is give them what they want and get out of there,” Stathakis said.

Sunday night another driver was a target on North 13th and Grace streets. This time police say it was three masked men.

To keep safe, Stathakis says he tries to be discreet.

“I try not to draw too much attention to myself, like keep my money in my pocket; don’t ever flash all the money I have,” he said.

Police say they do not know if these two cases are connected.

Of course, this is not the first time this has happened in Wilmington. In one case, a group of young men is accused of killing and robbing a delivery driver last year at 13th and Queen streets.


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  • jj1111

    U are dumb

  • francesr3g@yahoo.com


  • Guest2020

    The solution is to either arm the delivery drivers, like the one in Florida who killed his would-be robber, or to quit delivering in the risky neighborhoods.

  • Tim

    The Democrat Party cannot afford to run the thugs and hoodlums out of town. Where would their votes come from in the next election? The Democrats bus them all to the polls to vote for more welfare and handouts. The fact that innocent citizens get killed from time to time means nothing to the politicians.

  • GuestAnswer

    The people of the community still need their food delivered and the food vendors have to make their living. This does not change. The solution? Force the food vendors (by city ordinance) to carry a 10 million dollar insurance policy on each and every delivery person, providing for their survivors should they be murdered or maimed, either physically or mentally. The family of the dead or maimed delivery driver get a payday, the economy continues to provide jobs for the food vendors and the needs of the community are met. EVERYONE WINS!!! YEAH!!!!!

  • Are You Serious

    That is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard. You obviously have lost touch with reality.

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