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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Two Brunswick County pee wee football coaches are being forced to take a knee before the season kicks off. Now one of the exiled coaches says he was blind-sided by the judge’s decision.

For Brian McDowell, football isn’t just a game, it’s a way of life.

“Anything I have coached or done I have done like I was told,” McDowell said.

But according to a lawsuit filed by Richard Hollar, McDowell’s passion for the game went too far when he tried to have his players injure Hollar’s son Kasey. Hollar also claims that the county violated its volunteer policy by letting McDowell and William Powell coach, because they have prior criminal records.

McDowell says these claims go beyond Xs and Os.

“The whole thing in a nutshell is that he would drop everything if we stepped down,” McDowell said. “I have no reason to step down. I haven’t done anything wrong, nothing intentional to his child or any other kids.”

Judge Ola Lewis saw things a bit differently when she upheld a temporary restraining order granted last week prohibiting the two men from coaching.

“I was one of the ones that started the football program,” McDowell said. “It’s something, you know, that’s took time from my family, my money, and it took time for me to raise money for kids that couldn’t afford to play, and now look where we’re at.”

McDowell admits he has made mistakes in the past. He has prior convictions for domestic violence and DWI. But he says he tried to be a role model to his players.

“That’s what I’m here for. I’ve got children, too, and it hurts him now that daddy can’t coach,” McDowell said.

Richard Hollar declined comment, because the case continues.

Powell has resigned from coaching pending the results of the lawsuit.


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  • vickie reeves

    I don’t need to go to the court house and read the record that so called fine lawyer as you say has already put it out there. And as far as the safety of the children I would entrust both of these men with my kids I can say my kids are my life and I do not let them go with just any body. And further more Brunswick County Court System in 1995 let a John Allen Martin walk away with 60 days in Jail after MURDERING my brother so as far as that goes the system can Kiss my A.. Politics honey its who ya know not what ya know.

  • Guest writer

    There have been two hearings on this matter, several affidavits collected, county policy and code of conduct reviews, and debate between two fine lawyers on this matter. At the end of the day it was a very well respected superior court judge who decided that Mr. McDowell should not be allowed to coach after she reviewed the facts in the case. It should further be pointed out that Mr. Powell withdrew his name before the second hearing took place.
    So people who speak of hidden agendas and upset parents throwing their weight around, do what I did. Go to the Clerk of Courts Office in Brunswick County and read the complaint, and the attached affidavits. It may make a little bit more sense as to what this is all about. The well being of our children!

  • vickie reeves

    I have read some of these comments by people who have no idea what they are talking bout. There are two sides to every story. Let me give you some middle ground.
    Some real facts about this case. I am a mother of four boys which all whom have played sports. And all have had there share on injuries. That was the chance we took when put Our kids in football. I realize the difference between a wife beater and drunk as you unknowing people have an opinion on. I watched these two men coach for years and never Once have I seen any thing but Great coaching. I and we as parents have a higher standard then what you are giving us credit for and for that I resent the statements being made. Here is how the story begins and ends. There always been rivalry between these two teams crazy as it is even in pee-wee foot ball it exist. On the day in question I was attending the game we have what is called little chiefs and big chiefs. I had a son at the time on the little chiefs and we stayed to watch the big chiefs for support that day. A hit was made a kid was down for a brief moment he got up continued to finish the game then Mr. Hollar whom just happens to be an attorney decides that this was intention hit to his son and proceeds to have the coaches investigated for which later there no findings of any wrong doings. So 10 months later the very day football practice began Mr. McDowell and Mr. Powell were served once again bye a Mr. Hollar who clearly used his position as an attorney to set out to deliberately discredit and slander these two men not only to the community but to there small children as well. Are you with me clearly this is his on agenda pay back. This is not about the well being of our children it is what he has decided what would be best for him. He has taken truly two fine men who have not lived in a perfect world but I promise you they are great coaches and fine men. I totally understand where your opinions are coming from considering not knowing the facts. You take a man in his position and he uses it to get what he fells best suites him and never once considered all the kids that loved McDowell and Powell and still do. This has been a sad thing.. And I want people to understand if I were reading or saw what you have my comments would be the same as yours. That’s why I felt you needed some light. Tis is only a small piece of the story but I hope you keep and opened mind think to yourselves{ have I been wronged, have I done wrong,have I changed, Do I continue to grow in my life, do I learn, do I see, do I know? ] I think we get each other at the end of the day these two whom were once boys have become to fine MEN .

  • Experienced observer

    I do not know anything other than the information revealed in this article. But, as the parent of a recreational league and student athlete, uncle of a professional athlete and a sports official who has worked competitions from small children to the highest level where players had multi-million dollar contracts, I would like to suggest this man has an excellent opportunity to lead and teach by example. So many times I have witnessed the actions of passionate participants at sporting events breach acceptable levels. I expect the atmosphere at his son’s competitions could sometimes benefit from a parent who is simply a well grounded positive cheerleader, one who never yells and screams personal coaching advice or any negative comments at players, coaches, opposing fans or officials. If this man steps up and fulfills such a role he truly will show his child and others that yes, he must pay consequences for prior actions, but more importantly, he still can prove to be a most significant factor in improving the atmosphere and quality of the competition!

  • RCJ

    I think this is tragic! I personally know Mr. McDowell and Mr. Powell. This allegation is outrageous! I think it is an abuse of power by an attorney that has a hidden agenda. I have read some of these comments and it makes my stomach turn because I know how much the kids love these two coaches. Someone can’t be a role-model for kids because of some mistakes they made earlier in their life? REALLY? Nobody is perfect, BUT a lot of people THINK they are though. I want to know what kind of message this lawyer is sending to the kids. If you get hit (IN A CONTACT SPORT) don’t worry, we can take them to court!!!I hope you are happy because you have hurt a lot of the youth in Brunswick county. Coaches, keep your head up! We who actually see your passion and dedication appreciate you!

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