MARKING HISTORY: Founder of Christian Science

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Mary Baker Eddy began a movement by founding Christian Science in the late 1800's. As it turns out, she spent a part of her life in Wilmington. 
Mary was born in 1821 on a New Hampshire farm. She was the youngest of six children, and found herself frequently ill. Years later, she got married to a George Glover, a southern boy, from South Carolina. 
They picked up and moved to Charleston, but soon relocated right here in Wilmington in 1844. Unfortunately, things did not go well. 
George became ill with yellow fever, a major disease in those days, and quickly passed away. Mary left Wilmington soon after and moved back to New Hampshire. 
One wintry night, she slipped on some ice, fell, and severely injured her spine. In her recovery, she turned to homeopathic remedies and prayer for help. 
She claimed she dicovered that illnesses could be cured only through high understanding of God, and not medicine based purely on scientific reason. This a corner stone of the Christian Science Church that she founded. 
Eddy also founded the well known Christian Science Monitor, an international news publication. While the paper does maintain a section for religion, its news reports do not promote the doctrine of the parent church.

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