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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A driver has been charged after police say he hit a CFCC student making her way to class this morning.

It happened around 9 a.m., when a student in her fifth semester at the school was walking on Front Street in Downtown Wilmington, and began walking across Walnut Street.

When WWAY got to the scene, the student who was hit, Petra Costa, was sitting near the intersection where she was hit talking to CFCC staff about her condition.

Costa says she thinks the car that her her was likely going faster than the 25 mph speed limit that is posted on a sign just a few feet from the intersection.

Police cited Richard Ryan Tapia for failure to yield to a pedestrian in a clearly marked crosswalk. Investigators say Tapia hit Costa as he made a left turn.

At the scene, Costa said the car hit her directly in the hip, sending her to the ground where she hit her head. She initially refused to go to the hospital. CFCC staff says Costa was taken to the hospital around 11 a.m. to be checked out. No word on her condition.


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  • Guest6969696969

    Sorry Folks I’m LATE to CLASS on this one, really, I’m 50… BUT, My Step-Daughter was taking classes AT CFCC, where-as I’d drop Her off & pick up every Day Before after class(s)…

    FACT is I never, could Nor CAN go over 20MPH in the area(s) around CFCC, try it sometime…
    You’ll have STUDENTs AND FACULITY texting & talking on their I-phones/ computers, (Kindles per se) NOT paying attention to ANYTHING that is happening around THEM, up to AND Crossing the street…

    MORE than once I’d lay into the HORN, just only to get graciously flipped off, or that *Deer in the Headlights** look…

    It a DERN WONDER I didn’t Hit some poor KID or TEACHER, IT’s SO BAD I wrote a Letter to the CFCC President/DEAN APPEALING to Him/Her, PLEASE INFORM the students, (and teachers) SAFETY crossing the street talking /texting…
    I’m siding with the DRIVER on this one,,, NOT GUILTY….

  • Mark Ruth

    Most time I work windows and office cleaning in downtown and always look make sure any vehicles are stop when go across each intersection . And I notice some pedestrians did not look and cross street avoid hit vehicle.i think it is too dangerous with high traffic count pass CFCC without Hawk signal lights.

  • mitchell

    the people of Wilmington should still be riding horses , its not the ones from the north it you people here O.M.A.O

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