ONLY ON 3: Son fights for justice in 2009 parasailing accident


OCEAN ISLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — On August 28, 2009 Cynthia Woodcock and Lorrie Shoup went parasailing in the waters of Ocean Isle Beach.

Their trip took a deadly turn when serve weather and high winds caused the towline to snap. The women were left to fight for their lives as they were dragged through the rough water by the parasail.

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Woodcock and Shoup were eventually killed by blunt force trauma.

Four years later Cynthia’s son, Bart Woodcock, is still traumatized with grief.

“I just wanted to say good-bye. I didn’t get a chance to say good-bye,” Woodcock said.

The parachute used during the time of the accident could only sustain 12 miles per hour winds. Weather reports from that day show wind speeds reached up to 17 miles per hour.

“They were just trying to make a quick dollar,” Woodcock said.

Bart says even though an 8 million dollar judgment was reached, he doesn’t think his family has gotten the monetary justice they deserve from the off-shore insurance company involved.

“The insurance company for North Carolina Watersports turned out to be a fraud,” he said.

Joel Rhine, the family’s attorney, says the insurance broker, Marine Specialty Management, which insured the parasailing board did not have the money to cover an accident when the policy was opened.

This only adds to Bart’s grief and frustration.

“This is absolutely gross negligence to the fullest.”