FIRST ON 3: Berger files motion for county to pay legal fees


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Last week Brian Berger got his seat on the New Hanover County Commission. Now he wants the county to pay for the legal fight.

This afternoon attorney Chris Anglin filed a motion on Berger’s behalf for the county to pay for all of Berger’s legal fees for the amotion hearing and appeal.

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In the motion Anglin claims that the county’s action was an abuse of discretion, and that it acted outside of the scope of its legal authority. That’s why he and Berger believe the county should pick up the bill.

“We feel strongly that we put a good case on and that Brian Berger has never been a safety threat,” Anglin said. “He has some personal disagreements with the county and their employees, and I think that he has never been any safety threat.”

Anglin said at this time Berger has not filed a motion to seek back pay for the time he was off of the board, though it is an option going forward.

Anglin went on to say that he and Berger plan on being at the commission agenda briefing Thursday.

New Hanover County Commission Chair Woody White and County Manager Chris Coudriet have not returned our calls for comment.

During the process, the county filed a temporary restraining order against Berger to stop Anglin from collecting more evidence in the case. That motion also asked for Berger to pay for legal fees associated with the motion. While the county was granted the restraining order, the judge denied its request for Berger to pay its attorney costs.