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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — In order to add to their existing database of 3,300 locations, the Wilmington Regional Film Commission will be adding a Location Scout to their team this fall. The Scout will be available to photograph local properties, in order to provide a broad idea of potential shooting locations to productions considering filming in the area.

“We’re already pretty well know for being a film-friendly town with great crew and support services, and also for having a wide range of types of locations,” said Director Johnny Griffin. “However, the more of a picture we can paint of the complete range of location options available, the more productions we can potentially attract.”

When a project is considering a city to film its project, it weighs many factors, and the types of locations available are important to the decision. The more closely the locations match the vision of the writer and director, the easier that aspect of filming will be. So what does this mean to you?

“We are encouraging anyone with an interesting property – anything from a warehouse or a barn to a restaurant, shop, house or farm – to contact us. If it’s appropriate we will send our Scout to take some photographs,” said Griffin. “We’ll add it to our database, and if a production likes what they see, they will contact the owner directly.”

The Film Commission can be contacted at 910.343.3456 or commish@wilmingtonfilm.com.


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