UNCW hosts forum on Syria


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — UNCW hosted a discussion today on Syria and the possibility of military intervention from the United States.

“Should the United States being using force in other countries?” Public and International Affairs Association Professor Paige Tan said. “Should we put our service members in harms way?”

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These were just some of the questions discussed Friday afternoon at UNCW.

More than 50 students, faculty and members of the community came to voice their questions and concerns over the war-torn country of Syria.

“Since the chemical attacks, I’ve become a lot more interested in the region and the country,” student Matthew Kilenski said.

The talk-back was led by four professors, who volunteered their expertise in political science, religion and the Middle East. The panel provided participants a brief history on Syria, the Assad regime and talked about just causes to use military force.

“Looking at why you have that opinion is important,” student David Miller said. “On top of that understanding why the us will or will not take action with or without international organizations’ support is important.”

That is why the university thought it was also important to create a forum for concerned citizens.

“This is how we can provide support to the community as we wrestle with these big issues,” Tan said.

Organizers say they hope they were able to help the community with its questions about Syria. They say the school will hold more discussions like this in the future.