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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — North Carolina’s attorney general says he will fight a federal lawsuit against him and the state to protect children from sex offenders.

The lawsuit challenges a state law that makes it illegal for sex offenders to be close to places intended for children. The plaintiff in the case claims that it is unconstitutional for certain people deemed sex offenders to be banned from public places such as schools, museums, nurseries and playgrounds.

Attorney General Roy Cooper fired back saying violent sex offenders and those who have harmed children have no business at these places and that he will fight to uphold this law.

“I think that that’s ridiculous,” mom Misty Campbell said of the lawsuit. “I feel like the parks are a safe place for our children, and they should feel safe. We as parents should be able to feel safe bringing our children to the parks. I don’t feel like sex offenders should be allowed to come to the public parks.”

Cooper is not alone in his fight against this suit. He is named as a defendant along with the governor and all North Carolina district attorneys.


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