Fair Bluff police leaders write open letter to residents


FAIR BLUFF, NC (WWAY) — Fair Bluff’s new interim police chief and a newly promoted captain wrote what they call a letter of affirmation and action to citizens.

The letter published in the Whiteville News Reporter from acting Chief Richard Chaney and Cap. Ronald Carroll states residents have voiced concerns about the recent changes in the department, but the letter assures residents that officers will stay committed to the safety of those who live here.

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Fair Bluff resident Ernest Jordan says the whole thing has been a mix-up since it started.

“When people have to pull together to make unity, that’s what it takes is people coming together to make unity. But when unity is broken, and different people go their different ways, you can’t expect things to turn out right as they are,” Jordan said.

Jordan says he hopes this time the department will learn from its mistakes, and pull together as one.

Capt. CarrolL says he and the chief wrote the letter to reassure citizens they will continue to do their job properly and provide safety for all in Fair Bluff.