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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County business owner is in the clear because investigators could not get their stories straight, his attorney said.

Andrew Gentile was charged with dealing in stolen goods at Red Gator Pawn Shop in Sunset Beach. But Friday his attorney Richard Hollar said the charges were dropped because two Brunswick County Sheriff’s investigators claimed the other did the investigation, so neither knew much about the case.

Gentile was accused of having stolen goods even though the woman who sold the items to his pawn shop was convicted of defrauding the business during the sale.

The Sheriff’s Captain of Legal Affairs Mose Highsmith said Hollar’s description of what led to the dismissal and what he said about the detectives involved in the case are not accurate. Highsmith said in a statement the Sheriff’s Office did not know the case had been dismissed until WWAY ran a story about it Friday night.

Because Gentile has filed a lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Office, Highsmith said it could not discuss the case further.


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