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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington police are searching for three masked men they say robbed a Wilmington Pizza Hut Tuesday night.

It happened around 9:40 p.m., when they say an employee walked out the back door of the restaurant in the 4000 block of Oleander Drive to dump ice.

Police say a delivery driver then walked in the back door, and immediately ran out the front door of the restaurant. That’s when they say the employee inside noticed three masked men with handguns running towards the back of the restaurant, and two of them came inside and went behind the counter.

They say the two men motioned the employee to open the safe, but when she said she could not, the men took money from the register instead. When one of the managers came out of the kitchen during it all, police say they moved him back into the kitchen.

Police say the two men threw the register on the ground, ran out the back door and then jumped the fence behind the restaurant. They say the third suspect never actually went inside the restaurant, but was seen standing outside the back door when the crime happened.

Dispatchers told WWAY that one of the people who was there at the time of the robbery was hit in the face, but police say they can’t confirm those details.

Two of the men involved in the robbery are described as black males, who were both wearing red bandannas around their faces. Police continue investigating.


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