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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Law enforcement has ended their search near Mayfaire for a suspect who ran while they were trying to serve warrants.

Bob Becker, Resident Agent in Charge with the US Department of Homeland Security says the warrants are part of a Immigrations and Custom Enforcement case.

Investigators say they were trying to serve warrants on two men who are known members of the MS13 gang. Becker says they took one of the men into custody, but another took off. He says the man they are looking for is Hispanic and has been deported a number of times.

Becker says the suspect is not believed to be armed. The search is now focused on woods behind Regal Mayfaire Cinemas.

Around 2:30 p.m., officers released a perimeter set up in a neighborhood behind the Harris Teeter in Mayfaire. Lockdowns at nearby schools were also ended.


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  • Maureen A. Wilson

    A couple of points:`
    Portions of the U.S.- Mexico border fence is less secure than the Landfall wall. You can step right over it. The Washington gridlock on border security leaves U.S. towns vulnerable to criminal illegal aliens.
    Raleigh – NC Republicans overwhelmingly passed H786 despite the Governor’s veto. 4 points:
    1. ALL federal immigration background checks have been bypassed by allowing illegal foreign labor in the state.
    2. The definition of “seasonal labor” was extended from 3 mos to 9 mos. This includes ALL non-AG jobs. Ie landscapers, roofers, etc.
    3. Employers of seasonal labor are essentially E-Verify exempt. See HB36.
    4. Either 1099s are issued or fake docs are used for the I-9. A black market ‘underground’ workforce.
    5. H786 LOOPHOLE for ILLEGAL LABOR needs to be closed ASAP.

  • litlmsrocker

    A good chance he is working in Landfall. Give Security a photo to post at all gates. BOLO

  • Guest3369

    This is a disgrace…all of the law enforcement that was at Mayfair yesterday; dogs, helicopters and they could not find this guy? The search started shortly after noon and I was listening to the scanner the entire time. Multiple times there were “we’ve got him”, “I see movement”, “he’s running”, “we have him locked in a perimeter”…so I have one question…WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? What if this guy was a serious criminal? With families and children in the area…houses and businesses. I watched as the “perimeter” was breached time and time again. Why didn’t law enforcement locked down the entire area? traffic driving through non stop…how do you not know that he didn’t hop in a car or one of his “buddies” stop by and pick him up…I’m sure he had a cell phone on him…did you bother checking that? No…you continued to allow pedestrians and traffic to congest the area. We all should be embarrassed and fearful that the law enforcement that is supposed to be protecting us…..FAILED. And failed miserably.

  • OtherGuest

    Maybe an interesting aspect of this story would be to report what the “MS13” gang is.

  • YIFF

    Can the Feds/Police release a photo of the MS-13 Gang Banger so the public can be aware since he was not caught and could still be in the area.

    If I was a wanted criminal and a member of a notorious violent Gang like MS13 it would make since that I would have some connections to get a hold of some fire power.

    Remember stories in the pass mentioning Cape Fear and surrounding counties being a corridor for the Mexican Drug Cartels.

    The Cartels have used the assistance of Gangs like MS-13 (originating in El Salvador) in the past and present.


  • beach guy

    The most disturbing part of the story is they are looking for a person that has been “deported several times” I hope they aren’t racially profiling this guy that would be just awful.

    Again what part of illegal alien is not clear if people from other countries want to live and work here they need to get in line and do it in the legal manner lets start by rounding up the 12 million or so we have now and deporting them. I know this sounds inhumane but what will we do when one of these people bring in a dirty bomb or a biological agent into the country? These things have to be smaller than the bale of pot they are toting in here now.

    From my understanding the “mules” that the cartels use do not even open the packages they are carting for fear of reprisal from the gangs.

    I am not saying these are all bad people sneaking in and I understand that they just want a better life for themselves and their families
    but please think about the rest of us. And the peril and bloodshed it brings to our streets.

  • Guest 1355

    Both are known gang members and have been deported before yet are back an working in landfall.Our immigration policy is really working. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest3369

    I agree with you, but since they have not there is something that they are not telling us. Why haven’t we heard a thing from law enforcement, some kind of statement? Why did the news give it 30 seconds? Something is fishy with all of this. 6+ hours of searching and nothing? BULL! My dog, my .40 caliber Glock and I would have found him inside of an hour. Homeland Security my ***. We need answers.

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