Day after search, wanted MS-13 gang member still on the loose


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A member of the MS-13 gang is still on the loose after yesterday’s manhunt near Mayfaire was called off.

Now both law enforcement and neighbors are left wondering where he will turn up next.

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Investigators say they were landscapers by day, but dangerous criminals associated with the gang MS-13 by night. According to a Department of Homeland Security agent the men had been working under false identities in Landfall. When homeland security tried to serve warrants on them, one of the men took off.

“My initial thought was, ‘What’s going on?’ All the neighbors were coming out and trying to figure out what the excitement was about. I felt like I needed to stay inside the house,” said Susan Lew, who lives near the area searched.

A multi-agency search for the man stretched out for hours and carried over into an area near Mayfaire, but when night fell, officers called off the search.

“If they called off the search they must not think that he’s extremely threatening right at this moment,” Lew said.

But investigators say that as a member of MS-13 he is violent by nature.

According to the FBI, MS-13 has close to 10,000 members spread across 42 states. In 2008 the FBI director said MS-13 is America’s most dangerous gang.

Despite that fact , residents near the search area say they still feel safe at home.

“I think we’re pretty safe now,” Ross Marino said. “Everybody seems to have taken off so if they’re not worried I won’t get worried either.”

The suspect who was arrested was taken to the Duplin County Sheriff’s Office, however deputies would not confirm his identity or his charges.