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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington police had their work cut out for them this weekend. From shots fired that led to a police chase ending with several suspects getting away, to a shooting in the Creekwood Community that sent two to the hospital, gun violence in our area doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Police have three suspects in custody after a shooting in the Creekwood Community this afternoon, but police are also searching for suspects involved in another shooting in Creekwood that led to a car chase yesterday.

Police responded to a shooting in the Creekwood Community a little after 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

Police say when they arrived, they found a woman shot in the arm and a man shot in the foot.

Danny Watson says he was sitting in his parked truck when two bullets hit his car.

“I see three guys ran up through here, and a car came up, so I’m thinking that the car must have shot, was shooting at them, and they were shooting at them back,” Watson said. “That’s how I got the bullet in the back of my car.”

He says he thinks the shooting is gang related, and retaliation for a previous shooting in the area.

Three men were arrested while trying to run from police, and three guns were recovered from the scene.

Police say the suspects will also be charged with two counts of breaking and entering, for running through two residents while trying to run from police, and one count of firing into an occupied vehicle.

Also in the Creekwood Community, Sergeant K. A. McMillian says officers responded to reports of shots fired Saturday afternoon.

When they arrived, officers found no victims, but McMillian says witnesses told them there were six to eight shots fired from a newer model black Cadillac.

Shortly after, officers found a car matching that description and chased the suspects for about four minutes before ending up at the 1200 block of South 6th St.

Police say that’s when three or possibly four suspects jumped out of the car and ran.

McMillian says they could not locate any of the suspects.

Hampton Colclough, a retired Jersey City corrections officer says he saw the whole ordeal unfold right before his eyes.

He says all of the gun and gang violence in the area has him worried.

“This is an ongoing thing,” Colclough explained. “And, as long as you get a body, you’re going to get another body, and then you’re going to get another body and just a follow up.”

Colclough says when he worked in Jersey City; they got rival gangs together in a forum to have them work out their differences.

He says this significantly reduced violence in the area and helped residents feel safe once again.


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  • Guest 10101

    Not even ONE word in your entire reply addressed what I was talking about. Not ONE! Wow, talking about not fixing what you can’t face; you’re not even capable of reading what I specifically stated. Mind blowing, and yes, PATHETIC!

    As to the “Your way, over the last 50 years, is a disaster” : Nor ONE word of my reply to you even addressed a “way”.

    Not sure what crap you’re smoking but it might be a good idea if you stopped before it fries the rest of your brain.

  • Guest111

    I actually have wondered if we could call in the military to get control of this situation. I remember during a hurricane aftermath they were here for curfew enforcement. There has got to be some group somewhere who is trained to get these kinds of people under control. No preacher or corner picnic is going to get the job done although I admire their effort. Every time I go to the mall or Walmart I have to admit I do have thoughts go through my mind about who might be in there waiting for the ” moment “. And I pray to God every day to protect my grandchildren who are in school. This is not a way to live. It’s getting to the point that a group getting in the back of a pick up with guns, driving the streets looking for the gang idiots sounds pretty good to me and I would drive it.

  • Guest567

    It’s so funny how this story has 16+ comments, yet the story of the man raping the 5 year old little girl only has 1 comment…. Smh… Guess that story isn’t as important as people getting on here & making comments about creek wood & the thugs out there…..

  • Guest 10101

    “Let the freeloaders, and gang-bangers, move back to wonderful, crime-free, New Jersey”

    Move back? Your freeloaders and gang bangers aren’t from somewhere else, they’re from here!

    Have you gotten to the point where you’re so incapable of dealing with a local problem that the only thing you can up with is to blame it on someone else?

    You’re pathetic.

  • Vog46

    Yeah the gun buy back hasn’t worked and no one with half a brain expected it to work.
    Nor did the cease fire work and may of us laughed at that exercise.
    Now we have many saying just give them all guns and let them shoot at each other.
    Think about the stories we’ve seen lately. Sure thugs get guns (mostly illegally). Do you REALLY think they know how to use one? I mean how many shots were fired in this story? 10? 15? And all we have are two people slightly injured?
    What ever happened to practice? To accuracy?
    C’mon all you thugs, all you gang members – get real – put in some practice time. Use your weapon the right way. Hit what you aim at !!!!!
    If you hit what you aim at I’m sure that over time gun violence will decrease as you knock each other off.
    Just stop wasting ammo………..


  • Guestdfgdfg

    If they would give all these “thugs” shooting lessons, this problem would solve itself in no time…… Seems like a whole lot of shooting and very little hitting.

  • Gramps1945

    That’s a sweet, custom, Chevy truck. Every time I go through Creekwood, I see dozens of nice, expensive, vehicles, like that.

  • PublicAvenger

    I agree with the last statement in the story……

    “in Jersey City; they got rival gangs together in a forum to have them work out their differences.

    He says this significantly reduced violence in the area and helped residents feel safe once again”

    I say, stop giving money to unwed mothers, in Creekwood, to make more babies. We just spent over $40 million dollars in it. No police program will solve the problem. A problem we are financing. And every child deserves a father. Why are we paying people, not to have fathers.

    Let the freeloaders, and gang-bangers, move back to wonderful, crime-free, New Jersey, where all these “great programs” work. And let’s make couples responsible, before they get pregnant. Lets hold the mother’s feet to the fire, and make them raise their children, in a responsible manner. And not rely on welfare.

    It’s a Triple-Win situation. Taxpayers spend less. Crime goes down. But, most important, CHILDREN are raised properly, by two working, responsible, parents.

  • Guest-o-matic

    The dumb, slow ones will always be as such. They will always waste ammo and even shoot themselves at times. We don’t want to hinder that! Encourage the ones that are capable of shooting back to get the range time and improve accuracy!

  • Guest2769

    How is that cease fire working for you?

  • PublicAvenger

    Maybe I am “pathetic”. Expecting people to take responsibility for their own lives, and work. Demanding that fathers, not the government, raise children. Feeling that our nation’s children deserve better then Creekwood.

    We could dump another $40 million into Creekwood. It won’t make any difference. Your way, over the last 50 years, is a disaster. It breeds violence, like this. The truly “pathetic” thing is. It keeps getting worse. Sorry, if the truth offends you.

  • Kenny Powers

    My tax money hard at work!! How about we bring in the national guard to sit out there!!The very FEW honest people out there deserve to feel safe in the free tax payer funded home!!

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