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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — US Attorney General Eric Holder says the Justice Department will sue the state for alleged racial discrimination in a new, stricter voting law.

Holder says by restricting access and ease of voter participation, this new law would shrink, rather then expand access to voting.

The lawsuit against North Carolina is the latest effort by the Obama Administration to counter a Supreme Court decision that struck down the most powerful part of the Voting Rights Act. That action freed states, many of them in the south, from strict federal oversight of their elections.

“In the 2008 and the 2012 general elections African American voters dramatically increased their participation across the state,” Holder said during a news conference in Washington, DC.

Holder slammed North Carolina’s stricter new voting law.

“It is especially troubling that the law would significantly narrow the early voting window that would enable hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians, including a disproportionately large number of minority voters during the last election cycle,” Holder said.

Republicans have said the legislation is meant to prevent voter fraud, which they claim is both rampant and undetected.

“In fact I believe the federal government action is an overreach and without merit,” Gov. Pat McCrory said today in Raleigh.

But non-partisan voting rights groups, Democrats and Libertarians suggest the true goal may be to suppress voter turnout, especially among blacks, the young the elderly and the poor.

“I think it is obviously influenced by national politics, since the Justice Department ignores similar laws in other blue states throughout the United States of America,” McCrory said.

In his statement today, the governor said the state has retained outside legal counsel to defend our right to have common-sense laws in North Carolina. He says taxpayers will have to pay for both the state and federal government’s legal costs.


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  • If I remember correctly it was a Jury that found them guilty.

  • Guest DUB

    Allen Cobb falsely imprisoning the “WILMINGTON “10” for 300 year sentences is why North Carolina gets all the Federal Government negative racism attention. Collect all his heirs assets and give it to the victims, lets be done with the Corrupt Cobb history here.

  • Guest666

    The repubs are forcing our country to shut down and not pay our service members because they dont want Obama care to pass, they hold our own country hostage and they dont want anyone who isnt rich to vote so bad that our own justice dept is sueing the state, the repubs are so lost they dont even have a map anymore, sad

  • guesty

    Starting January 1, 2014, the Division of Motor Vehicles will begin issuing no fee ID Cards to be used for voting.

  • Monkey Junction

    The state Board of Elections states there are 700,000 eligible voters in NC that do not have a valid ID. Some of these are elderly citizens whose IDs have expired and they did not renew them. Others are people who don’t or can’t drive and have no need for a drivers license.

    How will these citizens get to the DMV, who will pay for the IDs and how long will they have to get an ID?

    Most of voter fraud takes place through absentee ballots. How does the GA propose to eliminate fraud in this manner? If they were serious about elimination voter fraud, they would put in safeguards to prove absentee ballots were legitimate.

  • provoterID

    Obama is serving his second, thus final term. This is about all elections moving forward. It has nothing to do with Obama.

  • Guest2020

    Eric Holder is a disgrace to his office. The founding fathers are rolling over in their graves at the things he is done and this is no exception. Voting requirements are a state issue and the federal government has no right to butt in.

    No one is being denied the right to vote. The DMV will make ID’s available free of charge starting in January. Any legal citizen can go and get an ID.

    Voting is the most powerful thing that we can do as citizens. We should be willing to prove that we in fact have that power.

  • Carol Kramer

    Here you are folks, the North Carolina State Board of Elections VOTER LOOKUP…you can look up anyone in the State and find their address, their party affiliation, race, gender, voting history (dates)
    Have at it. Seems to me that with this info, you could pretend to be just about anyone…just sayin…I don’t think that this should be online.


  • tke1

    I keep hearing all the whining and crying about the voter ID law keeping people from voting but I have never heard anyone rationally explain how that is going to happen. The ID’s are going to be made available to anyone who wants to vote. As it has been pointed out so many other times, photo ID is required for hundreds of other normal, everyday activities of life.
    Just because someone, especially a politician or activist, says it, that doesn’t mean it is true.
    Someone please explain it to me. (and none of this “if you don’t know, I can’t tell you” BS)

  • adminisracist

    I don’t see how this is an issue of race, felons can’t vote anyway.

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    I find this to be a fascinating issue. I’m generally a fairly moderate democrat, but this is one issue I tend to agree with the right on. I see no reason why someone shouldn’t have to show id to vote.

    On the other hand, if someone really wants to commit voter fraud, I honestly doubt this will stop them. Are we really going to train poll workers to tell the difference between a fake id and a real one. Considering how easy it is to get a fake id online these days, I don’t really see why everyone thinks this is the solution. Furthermore, the leaders of this state 100% knew this would be challenged and therefore are just wasting taxpayer dollars on this issue. That’s honestly more my issue than the issue of whether the law is just or now. The only way to 100% ensure a lack of voter fraud would maybe be a finger printer scan/blood sample at the polling place. Do we really want to go down that road? I think not.

  • Guest45

    If they don’t like the way we do it here in NC, why don’t they just kick us out of their “union”!!! like the rabbit said, please don’t throw me in the briar patch, we’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

  • averageworkingclass

    OK. thinking back on some of the times that I have HAD to shown my ID, is proving who you are to vote the problem. Many probaly have outstanding warrants or owe child support and are scared the “man” will arrest them.
    On the other hand, many of them don’t mind showing ID to get their handicap passes which they don’t need. useless airwasters.

  • haggler01

    How unfortunate that the article didn’t bother to mention what this “tough” new law actually is: North Carolina residents are now required to show a photo ID at polling places.

    That’s tough? A photo ID? Are you serious?

    What could possibly be more fundamental than that? You can’t drive car without a photo ID. You can’t get on an airplane without a photo ID. How could you POSSIBLY expect to cast a vote without a photo ID? We’re just supposed to believe you are who you say you are?

    It’s common sense, not racism. Give it a rest, please.

  • Guest 13131

    In 2005, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that up to 3 percent of the 30,000 individuals called for jury duty from voter registration rolls over a two-year period in just one U.S. district court were not U.S. citizens.

    While that may not seem like many, just 3 percent of registered voters would have been more than enough to provide the winning presiden­tial vote margin in Florida in 2000.

    Every vote cast by a non-citizen, whether an illegal alien or a resident alien legally in the country, dilutes or cancels the vote of a citizen and thus disenfranchises him or her.

    Non-citizen voting is likely growing at the same rate as the alien population in the United States; but because of deficiencies in state law and the failure of federal agencies to comply with federal law, there are almost no procedures in place that allow election officials to detect, deter, and prevent non-citizens from registering and voting. Instead, officials are largely dependent on an “honor sys­tem” that expects aliens to follow the law. There are numerous cases showing the failure of this honor system.

  • Guest123456

    So many say you need an ID to prevent people from voting over and over.
    Can anyone please tell me how many times we had double votes in North Carolina. Im mean this is the main reason why people are pushing for the ID Law, or atleast thats what i see most people rant about. Why is this the first time in history ( under Obama ) that everyone has screamed to have this new law pass ) did people not care about this under Bush, Clinton ect. Or do they only care now?

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