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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Walking the streets of downtown Wilmington, you may have noticed a few new signs in the windows of some of your favorite restaurants and bars. That’s because starting Tuesday, concealed carry permit holders are now allowed to bring their weapons into places that serve alcohol unless business post a sign forbidding it.

“When you mix alcohol with weapons that can kill, the results are not good,” gun control advocate Mebane Boyd said.

She says unlike the NRA she does not believe good guys with guns are the way to stop bad guys with guns.

Sande Carter agrees. She says the only people who should be allowed to have concealed weapons where alcohol is served are those employed to protect us.

“I’m really against it,” Carter said. “I think that, again, if you’re a police officer or FBI, anybody like that can have a concealed gun, because they’re here to protect you.”

But Trey Lewis, general manager of Bullzeye Shooting Sports, says opponents of the new law simply do not have all the facts. He says permit holders are not allowed to drink alcohol while carrying a concealed gun, and he says those with concealed weapons are not the ones you should be worried about.

“You shouldn’t be afraid for the guy sitting next to you at Outback to have a gun in his pocket to protect himself and his family, because if something happens, he’s going to use that gun to protect you as well. He’s not going to use that gun on you,” Lewis said.

Plus he says it is not the gun that kills people, it is the person holding the gun.

“It’s no different than a hammer. It’s no different than a screwdriver. It’s no different than a baseball bat or a car,” Lewis said. “All can be used for good, or all can be used for evil, and that is up to the person that picks it up.”

The law says owners who do not want concealed weapons in their business can simply post a these sign at each entrance. Otherwise permit holders can come on the property with their concealed weapons.


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  • Guest123456

    We all have our own reason’s to why we say yes or no. My family collects guns ( i go to every gun show with my father ) but I refuse to have one in my home because I have a mentally ill mother for whom i care for. We all have our reasons and I choose what is best for me and my family. Now would I go into a place where they take their guns in ( no if my mother is with me ) better safe than sorry I say.

  • Guest 10101

    If that offends someone, it’s their choice not to patronize that business. End of story.

    Time to stop all of this phreakin blather.

  • beach guy

    I pity the fool!

    And an uninformed liberal talking point regurgitating inane fool at that
    I might add that it is boogie man (not KC and the Sunshine Band boogie man mind you) not the buggie man which could be either a horse and cart driver or an pest exterminator or your last cell mate depending on your preference or ability to defend your self 24 hours a day in a 8X9 room .
    As far a Zimmerman goes he was judged by his peers and found innocent case closed.
    I bet you would wish some one had a gun if someone was trying to steal the gold chains around your neck.

    Remember God Made Man Sam Colt made all men equal.

  • Guest876585

    No way to submit updates, and no updates have been posted recently. No contact information on the site at all.

    A slew of signs went up as of October 1st by business owners who don’t understand that the criminals that the signs should apply to could care less about them other than knowing that they will be relatively safe robbing the place.

    Don’t like open carry in your place because it scares the sheep? Put up a sign that says it, but allows concealed carry by those legally allowed to do so.

  • Mr.T

    No sane merchant wants guns carried into their establishments other than gun dealers. By posting the signs merchants have freedom to call the police when they discover a gun no matter who is the carrier. The idea that someone with a permit to carry is going to a bar and not drink is irresponsible and stupid. Most people that come to the bar I go to rarely order coke unless a little rum comes with it. We all know that policemen and firemen can’t drink on the job, but how many times do we read in the paper that this happens frequently. All you fat skinheads out there afraid of your shadow ought to wash and iron their George Zimmerman tee shirt and wear it with pride and please stay home so the buggie man wont get you.

  • Guest3230

    who’s going to know anyway. I can carry my 22 pistol in my pants pocket and no one can tell. The word is “concealed”, not hanging on your waist like a cowboy.

  • RumorKiller

    Why not post a list of the places who are putting up the signs so I know which places not to visit until they take the signs down.

    I am sure it won’t take criminals long to figure out where their safest place to rob and terrorize people are, just look for the no gun sign since 99.9999% of concealed firearm permit holders follow the law and won’t take their firearm into places properly posted.

    Those signs do absolutely nothing for the criminal who is willing to break much stronger laws to assault / maim and kill people while trying to rob them.

    Also lets face it, this law wasn’t put in place solely so people can be safe carrying while in those businesses, its more so they don’t have to disarm themselves and lock their firearm in a car while walking to an from places and their car, places like parking decks and dark streets at night. You might be pretty safe in the restaurant, but getting to and from your vehicle or bus stop, probably not.

  • Guest12341234

    There is a site started for the Port City with a list of gun friendly and non gun friendly establishments. Also GRNC.org list all establishments that are non gun friendly.


  • guesty

    Terry has a liberal slant.

  • antithug

    GRNC.org also has a statewide list. This is the group that helped get these good laws passed.

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