Holly Ridge council receives public input on gun range suit


    HOLLY RIDGE, NC (WWAY) — Citizens of Holly Ridge turned out in force Tuesday night to share their thoughts on a lawsuit against Surf City Guns and Ammo.

    “I’m here in support of Surf City Guns and Ammo and their right to operate a private gun range on private property,” Jeff Trout said.

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    “I believe that this lady and her husband are doing this lady a great service,” Jane Burgess said.

    The owners of Surf City Guns and Ammo say that for years they have used their gun range to let gun enthusiast enjoy their weapons while learning the importance of gun safety.

    “Our idea is that if people are going to own guns we want them safe and careful and we want them to take care of them,” Surf City Guns and Ammo owner Dorothy Royal said.

    But recently some of their neighbors have questioned the range’s safety and now the town of Holly Ridge is voicing its concern in a lawsuit.

    “We’ve had two home owners file reports with the police department for a bullet striking their home,” said Kelly Collins. “It’s just out and about a nuisance.”

    Kelly Collins was the only person in attendance to voice concern to the town council saying that the facilities at the gun range are out of code.

    Supporters of the business are already shooting holes in arguments made in the lawsuit.

    “With the introduction of the lawsuit no one has visited the range to see if there is any merit to this whatsoever,” said Trout. “It seems like everything is piled on and blamed on one person and one particular instance and nothing has been proven to back that up.”

    “I think the irony of this whole thing is that I have an unlawful range on my property,” Royal said. “The town of Surf City’s Police Department range is right there behind my property. I feel if they’re going after me why aren’t they going after the town of Surf City? Why aren’t they going after the other people with property that have ranges on it for years?”

    Holly Ridge Town Council members as well as the town attorney declined comment because the lawsuit is currently in litigation.