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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office says a chase that ended with the shooting death of a wanted man started when detectives saw the suspect not far from where they say he shot a deputy Thursday.

Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer says Det. E.K. Edwards and Det. J.L. Jewell saw a car Sunday they believed had Brandon Devone Smith in it driving on Princess Place Drive. Law enforcement had been looking for Smith since they say he shot Det. Michael Spencer in Creekwood.

But Smith’s estranged wife sees things differently.

Brewer says Edwards and Jewell followed the dark grey Chevrolet Impala up N. 23rd Street onto Blue Clay Rd. The car then turned onto Bermuda Dr. That’s when investigators say it began to speed to get away from the deputies. At that point Brewer says the officers turned on their blue lights and sirens and kept following the car down Bermuda Dr. onto Castle Hayne Rd. The vehicle then turned onto Carl Seittler Drive, then onto Fulbright Street where it dead ends.

Brewer said at that point both men in the car jumped out and began to run. The driver, Vincent Albert Joyner, 39, was quickly taken into custody. Smith ran into the woods, and detectives chased him, Brewer said. While in the woods, shots were fired and Smith was killed.

Edwards, who has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 2000, and Jewell, who joined the department in 1998, are on administrative leave pending a review of the case. The SBI in handling the investigation.

Joyner is charged with speeding to elude arrest and accessory after the fact.

But Smith’s estranged wife says she does not think he shot Spencer.

“I don’t even think he shot the deputy. I think they are just blaming him. They said they were looking for him,” Lindsey Smith said. “So, instead of getting him and taking him into custody they shot him down and murdered him.”


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  • Ex-Wilmingtonian

    All this makes me sick to my stomach. Where have values gone? Whether Brandon was a deadbeat or not, he had a right to a fair trial! We the people, can not give local or federal officials the right to go around killing people like bandits out of vengeance. What happened to Innocent until proven guilty by the court of law? Many of our ancestors up gave their lives for us to have that privilege as a society. It’s a shame that racism, politics, and pure community division have brought us to this point. Today as a country we are throwing out our constitutional rights and values without remorse. I don’t support either side. My condolences to the injured officer, Brandon’s children, and the community of Wilmington. May Justice prevail.

  • Guesttoo

    Thank you for supporting “meagan’s two cents” point “B” far more eloquently than I ever could have.

  • RIP Brandon Smith

    This is to Meagan’s two cents (not verified)…..first of all stop listening to everything the news has to say. She is his WIFE, not his estranged wife. Another staments from the new that she so called said was that she hasnt spoken to him in years. That’s beyond a lie. Brandon loved and still does love his kids and always will. He had his kids at his house all the time. So please know your facts before you go off with your mouth.P.S. her stance is very valid. You dont know him from a hole in a wall to call him a dead beat, so keep your two cents to yourself!!!!

  • Concerned white man

    I’ll take you calling me stupid, GENUIS. Well answer this “WHAT CONSTITUTES A SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE”? Honestly, read the entire story before insulting. You are the perfect example of racism

  • jj

    I read you post with interest. So, you are saying they shot and killed him just because he shot a cop? If you think that, all I can say is you are stupid.

    I would say a person that has a gun in his hand and has shoot one person and has the recorder this nice young man had, would be shot quicker than someone else.

    The real problem here is he should have never been let out of jail.

  • Meagan’s Two Cents

    They’re estranged, yet she’s standing up for him. Why ? Why would you stand up for someone you don’t want to be with anymore ? And obviously don’t like ? So often it runs hand in hand, with the ‘Welfare Society Mentality’, which is ………
    A) Anything to smear the General Society, Authority Ex Police (Deputy)
    B) Always side with your race, no matter how invalid your stance.

    Even if it means speaking up for a deadbeat monster, you despise. It’s a part of that subculture.

    This was covered in my Sociology Class, at UNC.

  • just clarifying

    Not agreeing or disagreeing with your point, but what the Bible actually says is…

    “You have heard the law that says the punishment must match the injury: ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’ 39 But I say, do not resist an evil person! If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also.”

  • Guest2013

    If you’re not guilty, why run?

  • You’d do the same

    If he shot one cop, what makes anybody think he won’t do it again? If he had surrendered and let the police take him into custody, he wouldn’t have died. An eye for an eye – what if it had been his brother that was shot? He would’ve shot the suspect too.

  • Indawindigoes

    I bet he was not armed…

  • anne

    Sure – this family is in mourning also. Regardless of what he did, he is still someone’s son and this woman’s husband. With that being said, he chose the lifestyle he was living; he chose to be a thug and it caught up with him. When this story happened, I told my husband that they would never take him alive because he wouldn’t allow it. There would be a shoot out because he would not turn himself in. I was right!

    Now, I hope they charge the man that was with him. You can pretty well bet that he was hiding this guy the whole time – that makes him an accessory pure and simple.

  • John Henry

    The sentence is missing a period. I think she probably meant; “I don’t think.” & “he shot the Deputy”.

  • deputy25

    got news for there missy, it doesn’t matter if he shot Spencer or not, the fact that he ran into the woods and had a confrontation with an officer and got his due justice because he did something for the officer to shoot him. who cares what you think. you are a thug wife and that is all you ever will be. how about the 2 bricks of heroin they had ?? umm didnt think no one knew about that did you!!

  • Concerned Citizen

    His ESTRANGED wife says he was murdered. What an idiot! The guy was a CRIMINAL! I say good riddance!

  • George Keiper

    Someone wake this thugs wife up into reality. Her thug husband shot at a cop. In other countries, they’d hang you in public for that. The National Guard needs to come into these public housing projects and demolish them. Breeding ground for all of this garbage. The way these thugs are raised, no parents, no morals, no teaching of behavior, can be seen when their out in public with their pants sagging to their knees.

  • Don Wrong

    Seriously what kind of delusional life does this dysfunctional “family” live in and why is WWAY giving them a platform to spew this nonsense!

  • Steve Williams

    He wouldn’t have ran if he hadn’t done anything. Typical response to try and turn this into a race issue.

  • Guest28461

    This thug shot a cop and now just like always he didn’t do anything wrong. lets go and call in the naacp just like you always do because you people refuse to accept responsibility for your actions. Mess like this would not ever happen if you guys had a job and try to be productive citizens in society. This is a choice you make to sell drugs and steal from people. ( A CHOICE ) No I am not sorry for your loss he shot a cop how do you think his family feels. For once in your life think about the other person he shot instead of your self. When you do wrong in life think about the consequences before you act. Maybe this is a start to clean Wilmington up let this teach you guys a lesson if you mess up shoot a humane being you should be killed end of story just like he went to the end of a dead end. THIS IS NOT RACIAL PROFILING the Bible says a eye for a eye.

  • Guest1987

    Yea Lindsey Smith you Hubby didn’t shoot the Deputy , it must have been the man on a roof with a sniper rifle who the shot the deputy so the cops could frame this poor black man. Lets forget people who aren’t guilty normal run and have a gun on them..Your opinion seems legit..

  • Gramps1955

    I’m so thankful she spoke out. She has illustrated a point, about Creekwood, that I have been screaming about, for weeks.

    Again. Why are we spending $14 million on Creekwood ? She, and late Baby-Daddy, Monster, are the perfect example of the huge problem, all this Creekwood spending has created, and continues supporting.

    These two people, illustrate, a good example, of what I have been seeing in Creekwood, for years. I beg every taxpayer, and voter, save this news story, and show it to your friends.

    Creekwood is by far, the worst crime area in town. We could cut crime there, 99%, in less then 3 months. Empty it out. Let private interests buy, and develop it. It could be another area, like Sunset Park. We could have a productive community, instead of people like him and her.

    Stop paying people to live unproductive lives. When you do, these two are the result.

  • PublicAvenger

    Does she have any evidence to support her point ? NO

  • John

    For his estranged wife to say this and you to report her stupid comment is just wrong. Was she there, no. Was she living with him, no. Why does this common gal even thinks she has a right to comment on this horrible situation. If she thinks she is going to get some money from this she is full of s**t.

  • Guest45

    Of course he did not do it. The prison is full of people that did not do it. Get real lady! If he was innocent then why did he not turn himself in. I hear inmates tell me everyday that they did nothing wrong. He was guilty and got what he deserved. Let them kill themselves off.

  • Guest54136

    Young lady if you are 30yrs old also get your life together and move on. If you have children by this man STRIVE to make them BETTER. Defeat the demons! Grow up and move on with life. No one wants to believe anything bad about their children, friend etc. Get your life together. Take that jungle ghetto hat off and grow up. Leave that thug mess alone. I hope that you have a job. If you have children show them a different life.. Leave the streets in the streets. I dont know why yall dont UNDERSTAND… IF you are going to play the dangerous game of Russian roulette then PLEASE get A BLACK SUIT and A INSURANCE POLICY.. SO that someone can bury your butt. I am an Afro American. Stop tormenting your families and other families.

  • ivan

    Yeah they murdered him…..sorry but you shot a cop you should be killed.

  • Concerned white man

    You truly are not a Christian, he shot a cop in the leg, which is wrong, but what was the REAL reason for the stop. They cite “suspicious vehicle” really dude use your own intelligence about words of magic. NOT getting the full story makes you say good riddance. Let me guess all you needed to hear was Black male shoots cop, now you feel like that the person should die. Without getting the full story, what happened to the justice system? Once again you probably think justice was served. Here is a question for you genius, do you feel once a cop is violated that ANY person should feel the full weight of law enforcement without trial? Question two, why should we have judges? Shoot first and make up the story as it goes along. Search your own heart, shooting the cop wrong, take him to trial RIGHT. Even putting him in prison would have been right, but killing was WRONG.

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