St. Mark Catholic School’s new surf club makes a splash at Wrightsville Beach


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Some students at St. Mark Catholic School in Wilmington spent their Sunday cleaning, and riding the waves at Wrightsville Beach.

Kids from St. Mark’s 4th to 8th grades took to the sand to make a stand against litter on our beaches, and they had plenty of fun splashing, surfing, and enjoying a clean Wrightsville Beach afterwards.

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“It’s fun to have fun in the water, and the sand, and everything, but it will be ruined if people keep throwing trash on the ground,” surfer Jacob Porter said.

So, students, parents and staff at St. Mark Catholic School came up with a great idea to keep our beaches clean, and teach kids a thing or two about surfing.

“First we pick up trash,” surfer Will Murray said. “Then we go out there, and have a fun time.”

It is only St. Mark’s third surf club meeting, but organizer Rick Porter says this club has been a success from the beginning, all thanks to the help of those who want to surf, and keep our environment clean.

“We hope that they are going to learn, you know, fun, safe, and well-mannered ways to enjoy the ocean, and the beach, and you know, our coastal environment that everybody here should be really proud of,” Porter said.

Porter’s son, Jacob says he has been surfing for many years.

Jacob says seeing others learn the sport, plus getting to help the environment, makes for one fun day.

“It feels great because we’re helping the environment, and then when we get to go surfing, it’s like a reward for helping the environment,” Jacob said.

And Murray agrees.

“Makes me feel better about how Wrightsville beach is doing, how we’re going to affect Wrightsville beach,” Murray said.

With chilly weather likely on the way in the next few months Porter says they may have to scale back meetings to once a month. But he says the fun will not end with the cooler temperatures.

From movies, to activities, and fun contests for the kids, Porter says the surf club will continue to educate, and entertain.