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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Local churches are teaming up with the group “Boots on the Ground” to try to quash segregation in the Port City. The group wants to bring the community together by remembering the race riot of 1898.

Supporters will meet at the 1898 Memorial on the corner of 3rd and Davis Street this weekend starting at 9 a.m. Church leaders and even rapper Snoop Dog’s mom will be there to also address issues with gang violence.


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  • SurfCityTom

    Why not start by closing all public housing projects? Nothing will end segregated housing quicker than demolition of the various projects. That would cause the residents to get out into the various communities if they can pay the rent. Secondary benefit will be all of the unemployed seeking jobs so they can afford the rent.

    Follow up by ending other entitlements for the long term recipients. Unless mentally or physically challenged, and laziness does not count, there should be no need for life long food stamps and Medicaid.

    Let’s use these modern initiatives to end segregation.

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