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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Suzanne Sexton happily works late into the evening and through the summer to make sure chemistry students get the most out of each class.

The Ashley High School teacher said there’s something simple behind her motivation, “Just having to come in the next day and be ready for these kids and be able to give them something,” she smiled.

That attitude earned her the title of Teacher of the Week along with a $400 gift card to Teacher’s Aid in Wilmington.

Though there’s no specific formula and many elements go into making a great teacher, Suzanne Sexton says she knew she wanted to teach high school.

“I felt like I was probably more the personality type for the older students,” she said, ” treat them a little bit more like adults so that seemed the best fit for me.”

Her secret to helping students find success is to keep them moving, “so they don’t come in and go ‘Ohhh what are we doing?’ We’re always doing something and they know that if its not a lab, it’s a review, if its working in groups or if its learning something new…we’re always moving.”

And the most rewarding part of teaching is seeing her students do well…especially after a frusterating experience. She pointed to one example.

“You know, they took a test last Friday and one of the students who’d come in probably four different times, she did a perfect test and when I graded that I was so ecstatic is was so great!”


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