Meet the man behind some Halloween magic


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Meet the man behind the Halloween magic. A makeup artist famous for his disturbing creations gives the GMC team a makeover!

Matt Rogers took his passion and turned it into a career. He grew up watching horror films and realized he wanted to be part of the scary magic. But while in college, his art education program got cut.

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"I noticed that Tom Savini had a school up in pittsburgh," Rogers said.

And those around him urged him to follow his dreams and warned him not to give up on the arts. So he packed his bags and headed to a new school.

Before long, he was in Los Angeles working for hit shows like CSI and NCIS. Creating disturbing scenes like the ones in those shows takes more than art, it takes a knowledge of science too.

"Fabbin' up the bodies, that sort of thing, you gotta' know what you're doing. Rigamortis, that sort of thing: After the person dies, how that looks, the veins the colors, things like that."

These days Rogers is a teacher at Dixon High School in Sneads Ferry, but still finds ways to use his talents.

"During the time for the musicals at school," he smiled, "we always try to do a lot of makeup and students really get involved."

Rogers also used his talents on the GMC Team – giving all three newsies a makeover. See the full transformation when you click here.