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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Blacks and whites joined together at the 1898 Memorial for “Reverse the Curse,” a city-wide prayer march to remember the Wilmington race riots of 1898.

“It was during a chilly morning in November of 1898 that Wilmington’s downtown streets were filled with the blood of its innocent African American citizens.”

Local churches teamed up with “Boots on the Ground” in hopes of bringing the community together by reflecting on the past. They led a march from the memorial through the streets of Wilmington, following the path government leaders took during the riot.

“Although much progress has been made since 1898, many Wilmington churches and communities still remain segregated.”

Organizers say poverty, drug addiction, violence, murder, and gang activity are all rooted in the racial past of history. They say the community cannot rely on its government leaders to fix these issues. Organizers instead encourage the community to count on God and each other.

“We are releasing God’s spirit in Wilmington,” said Christian supporter Neil Blake. “We are asking him to drive out the spirits that are controlling murder and all of the greed and things like that.”


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  • SurfCityTom

    do your marching through places like Creekwood where you might have a positive impact? But then you might not feel all warm and fuzzy.

  • 8844

    “Releasing God’s spirit” … “to drive out the spirits that are controlling murder and all of the greed and things like that.”

    Lie wow dude! That is sooo meaningful. Like especially the “things like that” stuff. “That” must be referring to all of the bad karma in the universe. Like wow, you saying all of that cool stuff is going to make sooo much difference.

    Think I’ll go out now and hug a tree, or join a drum circle, or barf. Whatever.

  • Guest2020

    I wish that the people of Wilmington would quit perpetuating the myth concerning the 1898 incident. Any pre-revisionist writings will show what really happened. It is a crying shame that the city “leaders” decided to ignore the truth and instead added fuel to the flame.

  • Angewidert

    What a gigantic relief it must be to hear that the “poverty, drug addiction, violence, murder, and gang activity” in today’s black community are actually “all rooted in the racial past”. The more times one repeats that distorted mantra, the fewer times one has to look in the mirror and take any real responsibility for what’s actually going on right now. Why put any effort into really changing things for the better when it’s so much more convenient to march around and remind everyone for the gazillionth time about a race riot that happened over 115 years ago. We all know that was terribly wrong. That doesn’t give today’s community a free pass on not making a constructive effort to truly fix things instead of simply mouthing “feel good” platitudes.

    This kind of thing reminds me of the “new math” that was around not too long ago. It wasn’t about whether little Johnny got the answer right on the math problem; it was about how he “felt” about the answer he gave. That’s the kind of logic that ends up in a tragedy when a designing engineer gets his math wrong when building a bridge.

    Regardless of whether it’s structural engineering or social engineering, this type of “feel good” philosophy will inevitably result in a disaster.

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