MARKING HISTORY: Wilmington Snowfall History


    WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With winter's chill here ahead of schedule, we're "Marking History" in terms of snowfall records in Wilmington. Throughout the years there have been plenty of snowfalls here in the Port City; maybe more than you'd think. 

    Dating back to 1870, 232 inches of snow have fallen in Wilmington. Work that into an annual number, and you get a seasonal average of 1.2 inches. Of course, it don't snow every year around these parts. The average return time for a measurable snow in Wilmington is once every 15 months. 

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    The earliest it's ever snowed in the Port City is November the 14th; twice! A trace of snow fell on Nov. 14th in 1879 and in 1934. UPDATE: The trace of snow that fell Tuesday night is now officially the earliest snowfall in Wilmington history. 

    The latest snowfall on record happened back in 1915 when flakes fell in the sky on March 31st. 

    Most of the time when we get snow, we don't get much. We've seen accumulating snow 113 times, but only 56 of those times amounted to more than 1 inch. Wilmington has only seen a snowfall of 3" or more 26 times, with 12 of those amounting to more than 6" and only three storms resulted in more than 12". 

    The most famous snowfall, by far, was the 1989 "Christmas Snow" when 15.3" brought Wilmington to a standstill amid the coldest air on record.